Thursday, June 28, 2007

Show & Tell Thursday~Swap & Projects..

Today my Daughter and her family are on their way to France to spend a month with her husband's French granny and enjoy the beautiful Brittany coast..Happy travels.. sweetie and good memories and remember to get that Grandma's fabul-ish 'Crepe Recipe'!! ha!

Hello, back at my computer on this beautiful but chilly day..can you believe the radio said 'chances of FROST tomorrow'?! Whatever!! Better than sweating and feeling like a wet noodle ... Anyways, here is a banner I made from leftover kitchen wallpaper, stamps & rub-ons, it hangs on the kitchen pantry over a convex mirror. The paper doll was inspired by Sandy Everson.

Oh, had a good 'mail box' haul again yesterday!! I got my Chocolate Cros ...and loved sooo much went and bought some Funky 'tie-dyed clogs' to go with my paint spattered overalls..a little bird told me to do it!

Now for my digi fashion show.. {with help from my sweet slightly plump china head} I saw these cool Collage t-shirts on ebay This one is a' deconstructed fabric' with bright colors 3/4 sleeves.. you can find a variety of labels, look under these names> skinnie minnie, vanilla sugar, jess and jane, cactus fashion, gypsy daisy, glima, chaurdy, jamee j..these companies have many colors and a variety of themes to pick from..

I like this one in the chocolate theme ..goes with my Chocolate Crocs! like the flowers too..

A sweet little treat came from Karla 'My Match box Swap partner!..

I love the fabulous art work, she painted 'teeny tiny rabbits and roses ' on the box and filled with treats..bunny buttons, a gold rabbit pin, plus some pretty paper scraps {I started a collage last night with them} tied up in a red silk ribbon with her pretty, pretty 'biz card'.. last night I glued a pin back to the "Matchbox" added a picture of my grand kids inside, to wear to a 'Family Reunion ' next weekend!!!

Karla has better pictures of the box and treats on her site, close-ups.. Go visit she has great stuff to oogle at!

Also bought this neat digi frame on came in a kit called 'Memorabilia'.

Hey, wasn't going to do pictures of the 'Rabbits' for the 'Bunny Swap' til July 1st.. but this one is for Me.. so... A dainty faced 'Bunny Box' complete with pastel taffy treats! From Jackie> Thank you... hugs, Jackie..

The little guy made me smile and the candy was yummy too! I glittered up her bunny { no peeks..} last night and she is on her way to Jackie's house!! This pretty frame and rose scrap came from the 'Memorabilia Kit'. last package was...Amazon
they sent some of my books { the Tiara book won't come til August!} too bad was after the Swaps... as some good ideas that could have used for the different swaps...and the rose scraps and zigzag frame, yep..the 'Memorabilia Kit'.. .. the site has many really cool 'vintage scrape type collage kits' with lovely papers.. and glitter next purchase!! All easy instant downloads!


Sylvia Anderson said...

Debra~ I love your kitchen banner!! Looks like you have received some fabulous goodies in the last week...what fun! :) I have a couple of those collage shirts...I love them, and wear them all of the time.

burkardbbrc said...


HUGZ said...

Frost???? oh no! not here, so good luck with that up there, yuck!

Glad you liked the matchbox, and love your pin idea for it.

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