Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bunny Swap Responce & What's Up Here

I can't do a post without adding pictures [ a couple favorite pages of old Victoria magazine] and one of my postcards .. It's hot and sticky here today, I'm such a wimp, so hid in the basement and did some sewing and painting..

Well, checked my emails and WoW! Surprised to find alot of you ladies are bunnies at heart! Some of you mentioned problems with the link to the 'bunny banner'.. I tried mine and hmm... haven't figured out what went wrong, now mine doesn't work.. and can't upload the new one..will keep working on the problem..

Tomorrow my sister will be here for a short visit..We are going to have a 'Sangria & Silpada Party' I was having some pre-party jitters here as been ages since I had company other than family!! So should be interesting if anyone shows up!! If not.. well we can drink an eat and have a Gerard Butler Movie Marathon!! ha! [but don't tell my sister] Anyways, just happy to see my sister.. we live 6 hours apart on opposite ends of the U.P.. and Sat. there is a big auction in town, so will have to check that out and take pictures of all the goodies..

Thats all the news here.. Oh yeah! Friday June 1st, is time for the new and I will have some 4th July pieces on there, so go check them out Friday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Victoria Magazine is Coming Back!

Hooray! while jumping around the many interesting blogs ,I read that Victoria magazine was making a come back! Oh happy, happy ... joy, joy!! I have kept every issue and can always find inspiration in every issue .. I went to the website and signed up .. you can too.. subscription is here: the link has some nice 'Eye Candy '....

Bunny Swap Info Details

Hello, had several ladies inquire about the 'Bunny Swap', and need more info /details... hmmmm.. First of all, the item or items swapped have to be 'Bunny Rabbits', old, new, handmade, bought, altered, your choice of medium and flair! Atleast a $20.00 value [ seen that somewhere on another Swap, and seems fair].

To commit to the Bunny Swap you need to e-mail me your name/address/e-mail/. I will send back a 'bunny banner' to post on your blog. Sign-up ends June 9th, if there are not enough to pair everyone.. I will do double duty and try to fill the void if needed , hopefully enough will respond!! I will do random drawings, e-mail you your partner on June 9th, you have til June 28th to send out your trade, you are responsible for postage...then it's 'Show & Tell' ..either you can send me pictures to post on my blog of the trades or post on your own blog or both! I want it to be fun and imaginative! Bunny lovers everywhere unite!! hehe..

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bunny Swap Info / Sign -up Here!

Hello, had some nice comments and helpful advise from Mica [Garboodles] about 'how-to' ..So here it goes.. If you are interested in doing a 'Bunny Rabbit Swap' in any type of medium, size or colors, you need to Sign-up here!! Starting: May 28th ,Monday [Memorial Day] and the closing date will be June 9th, Saturday [my birthday!].Send your name ,email, address.

I will print out all the names that day at 6 p.m., throw them in a bowl and then randomly pair up, let everyone know their partners, then you have a deadline of June 28th to mail out your trades..

Then its 'Show & Tell Time'!! Gosh, that sounds easy enough,so hope thats how it will work.. and I will give you a banner to add to your blogs when you sign-up...

The Golden Compass.. Movie

Was looking at Yahoo movie list the other day, to see what's coming and saw this interesting preview for 'The Golden Compass' so had to go look at the website.. ..oooh!! I took the Daemon Test [it's your soul ,but lives outside of you, sort of like a pet??] and I'm a white ermine...was hoping I would get a cat..oh well,I happy with it..try it its fun..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Help,How to Do A Swap??

Been hopping about[pun intended] the different blogs tonight seeing all these cool swaps..Was thinking a 'Rabbit Swap' would be fun..I know its after Easter but the real bunnies are hopping about in the woods and gardens..So any feedback how-to do would be nice..

Bayberry Cove

Hello,added a website to my 'Eye Candy List' that has my licensed pieces that I did for Bethany Lowe.. Pretty site... all your 'favorite artist' are there and now me..hehe..Here is a picture of my 'Halloween stuff' at the Atlanta Trade Show 2007.. Scott Smith of Rucus Studio sent me this picture..that was sweet of him to do..enjoy..

My Tagged Ladies..

Oh boy! Hope its ok to list my 7 have enjoyed reading all their blogs and added them to my eye candy list.... 1. Thrifty Collage Artist 2. The Junk in My Trunk 3. Mixed with Sugar 4. Faeire Window 5. Sadie Olive 6. She Brews 7. Fresh Vintage.

Speaking of eye candy ,here is a picture of the top of my fridge then added a pretty digi~overlay from Scrap Girls..

Tagged ..

Holy man! I got 'tagged' by CC Whimsies...hmmm... suppose list 7 [ 7 sorta~deadly sins?!} then I must go out into cyberspace and tag 7 more victims..kinda

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Red Room/views from my bedside..

More shelves of stuff..

Her's a St. Vinnie treasure I scooped up for I gotta go do 'Something' besides sit here and drink cofffee!

One of my big German dolls, I restored stands guard in the bedroom..oh looks like she has a screwy eye..never noticed that before..hmm

My very own original Nicol Sayre doll,have a few other ones ,will post some other time..

That corner is my folk art shrine made from a antique soap box,[love that Fairy ad] of various artist I have met and admired...the barnboard cabinet is packed with antique and artist made Santas..

Last summer I painted our bedroom Ralph Lauren 'deep red' took 6 coats.. but love it! so here's a bedside view of inspiration I see every morning.. a sweet grouping of work from a sweet Michigan artist "Irene Gates" her work.. and have some 'Sally Jean' charms dangling from my love wearing them lately..turning into a jewelry junkie in my old age!!

Charging up the camera batteries to do some pictures of projects I need to finish maybe will give me that kick in the pants to 'Finish' them! Will post them tomorrow..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Finally getting some much needed Spring showers..the lilacs are starting to bloom and my little crabapple has load of buds,also started cleaning my much neglected flower beds, but now the bugs are out too..the rain is a good excuse to stay in and bake,read blogs and watch some movies with dinner tonight, as got 3 movies in the mail today from Netflix 'Fast Food Nation','Running with Scissors' and 'Saved'... no foreign films this week..

Theres' a slight chill so tonight, we will have some comfort food.. swiss steak with rich mushroom gravy,vadalia onions and green peppers, smashed potatoes with garlic, steamed fresh green beans.. and only had 3 big granny smith's... so a small rustic apple pie, as its only the 2 of us..

Played with the camera while the pie was in the oven..been so inspired by the blogs,to do more at the kitchen sink,depression green and glass critters with primulas,daffodils and sprigs of lilacs..had some leftover pie dough so will do up scrapcookies, a smear of butter,sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar,something my grandma use to with leftover dough and I just love the thin crisp texture..Grandma was frugal and creative too..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back From The Somewhat Dead

Well, finally crept back to the computer ...been in a wierd flu bug limbo...started as a cough then a burning hinny..ha..anyways... 7 and a half lbs. later...been looking at soooo many awesome blogs to get me going without really going..eye candy as the brain is still sluggish...did manage to add a few Halloween pieces to my website today as totally missed out Mothers Day..will be doing some 4th July pieces here..soon...went outside yesterday and the frost didn't get our apple trees or the trilliums... nice to see green again...will do some creative updating here in the next few days as getting back to my old self..

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