Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Witching Hour and Drawing is Almost Here!

Here is a Lady Devil paper mask to use, I have a couple different others but will post another time..

Yikes! All my Halloweenie ideas went out the window! The kitties are so spooked by all the rattling from the weather they would not cooperate and take pictures...but managed to hold Rufus, then he zipped away to the bedroom and crawled under the down quilt! He's such a big baby with a soulful face..

This paper crown was my first Blog Swap,'Tiaras & Crowns',and was made by Amanda of HodgePodge . She has a etsy store :

My hubby was not enjoying this I got alittle silly and wore a wreath!

My big dramatic witch hat! Wearing what all country witches wear black and overalls!

Had more hats.. but hubby wanted dinner is a faux digi hat and bat..

To kill some time till the drawing... altered my photos as where just... Boring!! So how to make pictures of me interesting ??? Alter them.. hope you enjoyed and had a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Hubby was suppose pick names for me but.. he went off to bed a hour ago! My ,we Are dull !

Found this old owl in one of my book piles today so here is another freebie!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gerard Butler I like the way you move

Yes its been awhile my Halloween Treat to me! and like the song too..

Halloween Free Giveaway etc..

Just a reminder for the Blog Party ..go here

Here's my fantasy Halloween wish.. A TRICK to get him and a TREAT to have him! HeeHee!
Feeling abit naughty!!

To celebrate Halloween with you in Blogland..I have 3 FREE I always tell my grandson ...the best treats come in threes, one for each hand and one in the mouth! yum!

So leave a comment and I will draw 3 names at midnight on Halloween Eve , midnight my time..eastern central time.. will announce Winners on Thursday.. posting..

No.1 is a Bethany Lowe piece of my design , I signed her and added a paper collar and different stick, just to make her special..

No.2 is a Gourd Girl and her dolly also a repro piece of mine from Bethany Lowe, Signed by me.

No. 3 is a painted cloth Pumpkin Man Doll by me.. Signed and dated..

Hodge Podge Before Halloween

Wednesday is the last time I will post any more Halloween Freebies....then its Turkey time!

This card was a Big influence on my work!

Well, here I was Last year in my computer corner with my girl kitty... so will have to take a new picture tomorrow, and see the changes..

A scanned Chris Radco ornament for you to use...

A page from a old book this poem is delightful! Came in a swap from Karla Love it, even got alittle teary from it..go figure! Going to Frame it somehow, once I get inspired...

A interesting site of cool Goth gowns etc.. my inspiration for this Halloween Blog only hours away...

One of those coool Flickr Collages..

This is a Delightfully Halloween Artist and Fellow Ehag.. His artist work will make you smile! check out his new blog!

Here's a Simple but very pretty digital kit Freebie on ..if you haven't tried digi scrapping.. they have many differnt Free kits to download and try easy and fun to use..then your hooked...then you Gotta Buy more kits.. Ha!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Swap Treats

Saturday I received a package from my Halloween Container partner, Michelle check out her cute blog.. Wow! Sweet treats, Halloween vintage pictures on a snazzy bucket with feather trim and the coolest Shred, a pumpkin scrub and pumpkin soap smells soo good.. and tiny glittery bags tied with pretty ribbons and filled with loads of chocolate candy...yummmm....I was very naughty and ate several pieces almost instantly after I took the pictures...yes, No Will Power ... I felt my butt growing as I chomped on chocolates... oh my, those jeans are getting tight! Well... I will behave til Thanksgiving!

Here are a couple more pictures of the fancy Halloween bucket and goodies.. also added some Freebie cards for you to play with..already digging out Thanksgiving cards and pictures.. so get ready to gobble..and a few more goodies to share but not til after Wed. ...

A thoughtful thanks to Michelle..

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Blog Party

Sweet Halloween Dress-ups.. Sweeping the sky postcard from ebay..

Here is one of my favorite postcards from my own collection! Follow us to the party!!

oh... just found this fun little Halloween Blog party invite, hope more will play.. Go here for details ..hmm think I already have a couple of ideas....see you or see me on Oct 31st..
Been away from the computer and missing out on all the new swaps..dang!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Air Boat Ride & Halloween pictures

we had a nice long Fall ride up and down the river by our cabin, but feels like the end of our fall season here..time for me to get working on Christmas..added some Halloween pictures for you to use in your projects enjoy..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back again and Tagged Twice!

Wow!! I have been getting a lot of nice comments .. Thank you All !! For taking the time to type kind thoughts.. enjoy a cup of your favorite brew on me!

No time or energy.. the past few days to work with my blog... trying to get my website and work room in order as will be switching next week to Christmas !! [scary!the workroom part]...We will be going to Wausau on Friday to get supplies and I need to shop for swap partners and granddaughter.. yippee! I get to spend money... in 'real stores'!

Here are some pretty old prints of melons for Fall ...Good Stuff in the mailbox. received my new 'Victoria' magazine today..its lovely and the same format.. thank you! Like it never left us! and the Thanksgiving issue of 'Country Living' with a good article on transfereware, my favorite dishes!

ok ok .. 7 Things About Me.. 1.I am a magazine junkie 2.I feel naked without lipstick and hate dry lips! 3. I have a terrible fear of heights, but love airplanes and helicopter trips! 4.Always wanted curly curly hair 5.I procrastinate..a lot! 6.Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday [ because it has my 3 favorite things to do, cooking, eating and being with my loved ones!] 7. Really bad at math..ok was that 7 things???

Here is a close-up of a Bethany Lowe repro of my work that I will be selling on my website kept one and selling this one , it's signed by me and to make it special I added a Paper hat made from a old magazine page a Halloween cut out with a pinch of glitter.. and it comes off , if you want.

This was one of my favorite pieces I made for the Halloween Show[which now has its own blog! ].. Goth Batty Girl, she now lives in Florida..

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