Friday, August 31, 2007

Halloween Swap Update

Wouldn't you love to have this table of goodies?! Dept. 56 Glitterville..

Yep, playing my picture program!

Here's a red witch postcard for you to alter, print or whatever!

My new tag back for paper ornaments..

Hmmmm... Think the artist was feeling the pressures of 'deadlines' when he did this!

Isn't this a cool table decoration.. chip & dipping bowls, Its Dept. 56 ..

Anyone remember this old book? A cute little story book..and yes I'm in the Storybook Swap that is having..

Ok ladies.. we have 37 sign-ups so far and Saturday Sept. 1st is the last day to sign up! You have til midnight. Sunday, Sept.2nd, I will email out partners..[ and I will do extra partners if needed ] Had alot of questions of what to do from some newbies.. So here we go again..

The theme is 'Halloween Black Cats and Pumpkins' you can make or buy, or do alittle of both... A paper or fabric project is easiest to mail.

Some ideas as examples: a charm bracelet, a paper cone filled with Halloween treats, a cat doll with pumpkin fabric, a bunch of paper cat collage tags in a paper pumpkin, a Halloween tiara/crown, a painting, Halloween ornaments or garland...and a value of at least $20. as many do much more than that ,but that's up to you & your partner.. and you must have a blog, post your swap items on your blog..Its best to discuss with your partner about preferances of what to swap and make, etc.. Send you name, email and blog address to me [ my email address is at top of page] I will send you the banner to post on your blog and deadline date is Sept. 20th to have items sent and posted on you blog.

She makes a cute looking good-witch type..

Yes ,a repeat picture... as a inspiration for the Swap..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Halloween Cupcakes

Got Halloween on the brain, so I made cupcakes! I just love my pumpkin cuppy cake!!

The trio of 'Halloween Cupcakes' all dressed up for tricks & treats..will be for sale Sept. 1st on 'Glitter & Grunge'

These are samples of the free 'Halloween Ornaments' that you get with purchases , I have over 200 Halloween postcard images to pick from, so no repeats.. been working on all my 'Halloween Swaps' and digging out decorations for the house plus a couple of Halloween projects, yet to be shared..well back to the,work,work..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mini Swap Show & Tell

Received my ' Waxed Crow ' today in the mail from Jennifer and she added some cute extra paper treats too! I am very happy with my crow.. took a photo, then altered in in my pictures program..

Here is the ' Mini Swap' that grew... we did tags and a paper doll dress plus a assortment of papers. . this is for Beth: . I was in a Halloween mood..

Oops! Not Halloween, not even fall colors .. just did it..I was on a gluing frenzy!!

Halloweenie tags..

A Halloweenie dress and papers for Karla..

Halloween tags and misc. papers for Karla: .

My favorite dress goes to Betty:

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Samples from Bethany Lowe & Halloween

Had a surprise from the UPS man last week! Boxes and BIG too! OMG! 4 giant boxes ..One of the perks as a Artist ,working for a company is you 'receive samples' of all the pieces the company reproduces .. Very pleased with everything!! Happy! Happy!

Got so inspired Started to unpack my Halloween decorations and started decorating..My favorite faux poppies..

My kitchen Halloween repros on the window sill.

Unwrapping the goodies, Wow! impressively wrapped! Everything is like a fat mummy! Since everything has traveled a long way wrapped up need to fluffy up their crepe paper collars to look big deal, but a nice little thing to do..

Made a vingette of some of my work, and Calamity Kim's Art Dolls from the 'Art Doll Hat Swap' ' just love them!

A closer look..The winking moon is a original piece , the 'Cat on the Ball' and the 'Cat & the Pumpkin' are from 'Acorn Cottage'.. Again I have to say, the repro pieces look great! I am very happy with.. I fluffed up their paper collars and made a paper hat for veggie rider.!

Another picture of the grouping.. Now I need to get my Halloween tree up..I feel cooler weather coming and in the mood to decorate!

A little decorating has stated..A 'Paul Gordon Crazy Quilt Horn', and a wool bunny made by me.. old Purple transferware plate..

My fat cats relaxing in the sunny kitchen.. Baby Girl is so silly and full of mischief, Rufus is a big ol' loveball..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Working in the Dungeon..

Whoa! been a really long day ..been working to get ready for the Halloween Show "Ghoultide Gathering" in Oct. so quit at midnight.. checking my messages and off to bed!! I am pooped!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Halloween Inspirations..

Hello, added some Halloween Pumpkin & Kitty images to get everyone in the Halloween mood and thinking about the Swap..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Time to Sign up for Halloween Cat & Pumpkin Swap!

Wow! many have emailed and had some blog comments.. Sooo guess.. we better get this Swap going!!

Sign up starts today Aug.20th and will end Sept. 1st. Send your name, e-mail & mail address, and blog link, to me: . Do not sign up thru blog link as want to keep everyone in one spot, so no one get left out or lost.

Plenty of time to get your stuff ready. Will e-mail you the 'Halloween Swap Banner' to post on your blog when you sign up. The theme is 'Black Cats & Halloween Pumpkins' in any way you want to do, and discuss with your partner.I will e-mail you your partners on Sept. 2nd . . You must mail out your swaps by Sept. 10th ! Post your swaps on your blog by Sept. 20th.. Now Get to work!!

A digital collage using a rubber stamp image from 100 Proof Press[ Iwill be transfering all my rubber stamp images to my computer to use in the coming weeks] the frame was from a kit: Memorabilia ..I used before in a past post, the papers are from holiday the witch stamp & Trick or Treat brush..The old photo, jol, hat cut out and jol on cat are mine..

One of my all favorite Halloween postcards..Twin cats, and the twin theme as Iam a the moon, bat and owl elements too..I use this card as a business card..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Halloween Swap: Black Cats & Pumpkins, Ideas..

The Halloween Swap poster/ banner...

A Rabbit doll and painting by Mud-cakes , Laura Meseroll [a lovely lady and awesome paintings!], some of last year's Halloween decorations..

Last year's Halloween table/wall decorations in my kitchen/ dining room..Old and new pieces..

A 8x10 collage made of art papers, seed catalogs, stamps, a old paper doll, German embossed scraps etc. Heavily antiqued and crackled.

A Bethany Lowe licensed piece from my Halloween Collection . Go here for more info:

Another Bethany Lowe Piece from my Licensed Halloween Collection.

A original papier mache 'Halloween Cat' that will be for sale on: Glitter & Grunge: Sept. 1st.

A old German Halloween embossed cardboard decoration.

Been thinking about the up coming Halloween Swap..So many have emailed and sent comments about it!

Here's some info and ideas...First you must have a 'Blog' and 'Post your swap items you made & received on your blog'..The Swap is a 'Pumpkin and/or a Black Cat'..

Was thinking about how much Everyone enjoyed doing Jenny's 'Bit & Pieces Collage' Wouldn't a Halloween picture/collage be cool?! In a 3 squares across and 3 squares down, sort of 666, but only 333..heehee..Sign up ends Sept. 10th' Items will be due Sept. 20th this give's everyone plenty of time to think about it..

So what do you think?? Would a 'open anything goes' as long as its a cat or pumpkin, be prefered? Swap partners will be paired in the order I receive their email. You must send me your email, blog link and mailing address and will be forwarded to your partner.and I will take the last email as my partner. Sign-up will be thru my email only.

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