Monday, September 27, 2010

Treats in the Mailbox and Count Down to Ghoultide!

I received my issue of 'Celebrate 365' and what a Fabulous issue! Love Scott's art work on the cover and there is even a few of my originals and reproduction pieces made by Bethany Lowe in the magazine ! I enjoyed oogling all the fab photos and reading from cover to cover!

Only a few days away now and we are packed and ready to go.. Will get to see the grandkids and family before the show.. My daughter will be helping me with the Show [she'll be in the bright orange apron!].. she always does a great job and love to chat ...

Here's a close-up of 2 of my favorite new pieces done in 'Paper Clay' rather than my usual 'Papier Mache' and happy with the results!
I have more 'Show and Tell ' of Halloween goodies bought online.. but will do when I get back home! Plus, I will probably find more good stuff down state.. then can start my Halloween decorating.. I have been sooo behind this year in all things..usually have everything up by now..
A neat Bat pin I bought on Etsy from :
came in a a nice little black bag and with a card and box.

Finally was fast enough this time to buy something from Lori Rudolph .. bought the' Trio of Halloween Teapots' on the perfect ornaments for my Halloween tree and also got these amazing graphic postcards that I will frame
.. Her art work is fabulous.. love the colors !! Thanks Lori!

Bought these double matted frames at Ikea last year.. hmmmm .. Think I need more..
the Halloween Show is only a few minutes from Ikea.

My Etsy custom order from Germany came all carefully wrapped and lovely.. the colors and texture is 'oh so pretty'.. I will be wearing at the show! Felted flower necklaces and Poppy scarf [ but maybe not all at the same time!].
Made by AVA

Got some neat Halloween paper doilies and a few wonderful Halloween books for the grandkids [on]. The art work was just too awesome to pass up and just fun to read! Read them twice to myself.. aloud!

A peek at some of the new stuff for ' Ghoultide Gathering' ...

' Custom 'Moon Goth Dolls' made for Etsy and all 'Sold' .. now traveling to their new homes.. My work table is loaded with half done Halloween pieces.. just ran out of time.. so when back from the Show will post 'Oct.10th ' a bunch of Halloween items!

I'm sure all the artist are busy getting the last touches to their creations and excited about this coming Saturday I know I am! Well ,'Halloween & Vine' just went by wish I could have seen it and would have love shopping there too! Someday..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Views of Autumn on Our Deck

Between working and getting ready for next week's 'Ghoultide Show' and finishing some orders.. I went to the mail box [more about what was in the mailbox in my next posting!] and noticed what a perfect day it was [been trapped in the basement!]. The lighting and colors outside were so pretty grabbed my camera.. The Virginia creeper vine is especially pretty this year and we had rain overnight, so the colors were rich and just made me thankful for this time of year..

My husband made the free style rusty 'Iron Kitty Cat and Happy Pumpkin' awhile back for me.. he's a sweetie and a pretty handy guy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visit the Trick or Treat Giveaway!

Took the night off from working and relaxing in from of the computer.. catching up with all my favorite blogs ..and to my surprise there is a fabulous 'Giveaway' on these 3 blogs ' Retro Rudolph' > 'Happy Holidays' > 'Sweet B Folk Art> They have created some fabulous critters to dazzle you for the Halloween Season ..but you gotta visit them and leave a comment..Good Luck!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Esty Store

Whew! Late! but caught up here is a peek of what's on my etsy... a few more items will be added thru out the week as they get done.. we had a power outage and lost a days work.. but catching up the count down to 'Ghoultide' begins... well back to work...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Down Time

Was a blastery dark rain day here.. power was out for 7 hours .. just came back on at 10:45 pm! this .. didn't get much work down as no light and water ...but will have a few items ready for Esty on Saturday and more on Monday..well working late tonight ..bye for now.. it's back to the workshop..

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