Friday, September 26, 2008

My Etsy Treats

There's a crisp chill in the air tonight and here is a peek at some of the treats I bought on Etsy!

this Sweet Bluebird is from 'Corid' on old pages .. will be back for more of her work..she has some neat owls too..

There are some awesome stores that offer downloads for artwork to do collages, etc..

' Shaving Kit' and 'Passion Fruits' are a couple of good ones..Love the items I got from them will be shopping here again! easy downloading too..and if you have problems they are great helpers!

A favorite artist is 'Bad Bird 'and here are a few samples of her work..hmm, 'the Owls' and that 'crazy Coffee Cup' has been calling me! and a neat 'little witch' too!

These 'Witch paper dolls' are so fun and 'Seneca Pond Crafts' is the etsy shop..a very helpful lady if you have any problems downloading, she has some fab Halloween kits! The images are very clear and sharp with rich colors..

This lady is new to me but just love her style and colors and all the crazy details.. she is in a new book 'Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed' you can buy on or from 'Barnes and Noble'... I'm going to go look for it there, when I go downstate..anyways, she has a website too:'Blonde Blythe' on etsy... I got he Owl magnet..see more below.. love here tooth fairy..

Now a favorite is this 'Owl necklace.'.looks much nicer in person and came in a red box tied in gingham ribbon with a tiny tile... and just love it! will be buying more from 'Cherie Lewis' on etsy, love her card too.. Mammas Little

Took pictures with some new Halloween magazines , this one is Matthew Mead's 'Halloween Tricks and Treats', nice pictures but more foods than crafts..

Bought these cute Owl earrings from Janie, a busy creative mom , who emailed me a awesome photo of guess what!? A 'Owl' painting she is working on..don't you love the sketch of the 'owl 'on the pkg. along with a great card.. and I'll be back shopping here! oh yeah, had to show you her Bat earrings and that cool owl painting..

Finally, a cool retro ad of eyes for you to do some creative stuff with..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Owl Crazy..

Yes I'm a bad ,bad girl, just did not finish my Project Runway paper Dress in time and was too pooped last night to finish.. So in its place a old print by Arthur Rackham , she looks like she has a newspaper dress..

When I started thinking about a swap a couple weeks ago ,I thought Owls would be fun... and maybe go buy a couple on ebay! Well, I 'm officially a Owl collector! I admit I already had a few but now I got even more! yep, this is mine, from ebay..

yeah ,got this awhile back on ebay!

This fantastic print I just got on ebay,but printed on canvas not paper,love the colors...

One of my cards..

This beauty I'm now watching on ebay..old inkwell and tray...

A potato chip display..watching on ebay..maybe it will be mine!

Yep, got it on ebay...bookmark trade card..

Wow! these are 3 wonderful owl faces from ebay in my watch list.. maybe I'll get lucky!

This is a old paper print of mine..great colors and design..

A cute little owl lamp..

A postcard..
I know ,I know he's not a Owl, but dang, he sure makes me HOOT! Wooof! I mean, hoot-hoot!

Just bought on ebay..neat old trade card..

Then went on Etsy.. and found these cool owl jewelry items..and was Amazed how much Owl stuff! Iwill show in my next posting what I bought and from Who! [get it?! ha ha..] ..

Glass eye earrings and glass fused owl necklace..

How about some over the top dramatic owl earrings?!

Some very old owl prints ..

Postcard again..
well, I didn't win this trade card so still on the hunt..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paper Dolls Help and Project Runway

Oh Dear!! I"m sorry ..Today is the 'Paper Dress Runway Project'...and I am not Ready! Dress is still on the table will post tomorrow, better late than never..hmm.. thats been happening alot lately..yes, I have too much on my plate right now! Anyways, go here to see all the Fab designs in paper at:

How appropriate for me..been working on projects into the wee hours, confused sometimes from lack of sleep..but just til after my show in Oct.

yet another Owl postcard..
This is a repeat of a pair of Paperdolls, as a few of you have asked for 'help' on the paperdolls..also you can go here for ideas and templates: I will send out partners later tonight and post later in the week.. back to the basement for now..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Day to Sign Up

Time to sign up if you what to play in the Swap... see the sign up post down below..

Here is a old magazine ad for a Owl cake, yeah I remember 'this coconut' was really 'Sweet'.. my mom made this cake when I was a kid! and it was good, think she used a cherry for the eye!

Here is a 'Quickie Project Freebie'.. Scan the 2 pictures on cardstock leave tabs on one, along the straight edges glue together and tah-dah! a little lampshade, or use as a doll skirt, or a silly hat, orwhatever you can think the edges or use black glitter..

Geez! I wanted this Witch cape for Halloween when I was a kid.. never got to be a 'Witch'... love the graphics even more as a adult!

Today is a good day to Eat Cake..' Happy Birthday' to someone near and dear to my heart..She's got babies of her own, but she'll always be my baby!! Love you, hugs and kisses and all my wishes.. [ I know you sometimes take a peek here.] Happy, happy,happy..

Time is running out, get to your Fall decorating!! I'm getting mine out, behind in decorating this year...

Well, my mail box has gotten pretty full but midnight tonight the Swap Sign up will close... and will post and email partners on Wednesday as have some orders that have to go out so will work late today to finish!!

Will also have some Etsy treats and Artists I found to share in a couple days when more time to sit here..

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