Monday, March 31, 2008

Giveaway Update..

April Fool's Spring Weather today! Forecast..more Snow!

I did up a little quick collage for April Fool's using a 'freebie digi kit' from:

A few vintage Sewing cards for you to use..

yummm... would love to have her sewing machine!

I learned to sew on a treadle like this and my daughter did too she was a natural seamstres ... geez,wish I still had it!

This little 'Bunny Baby Doll' is for Sale on : April 1st.

OMG! Thanks so much! very surprised at the response so far... we have to go out of town tomorrow so won't do the drawing til midnight my time /eastern central [Michigan]. Guess I will just keep out the sewing machine and do some critters that I have been itching to sew as while cleaning found some fabrics I had forgot about and some old patterns... Got all my 'New Designs' done for Bethany Lowe for next year's collection... so now can start on some 'inventory' for my sad little website...

I will announce 'Winners' and Show pictures of the Boxes on Wed. as has been fun filling them up! May have to do this again! So if you didn't sign up yet go to my 'No Foolin' Giveaway' post/ Tuesday, March 25th and sign up !

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Foolin'! Blog Birthday Giveaways!

No foolin' !! I'm going to 'Giveaway 3 Boxes of Goodies' to ' 3 Lucky Ladies or Gentlemen' on April 1st "April Fools Day".. Tuesday evening, I will throw all the names in a bowl and pick out and announce winners, then you can email me your names, addresses where to mail... Easy right?!..

Papers, trims, fabrics, figurines, buttons and whatever I can throw in my little boxes... as have been whining about cleaning my workroom for awhile and finally have been doing it!! [note: alittle change here I apologize!! There are also 'men' out there blogging... and forgot to include them..sorry guys! I correct this post for you..]

so will share the wealth.. ha! Leave your comments on this post..

Yes, it has been 1 year around this time I began my Blog.. it's been fun and even learned a few things too! Did up these 2 collages with some of my postcards and kits from 'Peppermint Creative ' one of the 'first sites' I bought from and downloaded, also enjoy the 'freebies' to get started with digi scrapping ... Thank you Miss Peppermint!

Years ago I had read in China that on your birthday 'you give gifts' to others rather than receive.. not sure if that's true, but sounded like a nice thing to that's ' why the Giveaway's to all the neat blog ladies & men I have met thru blogging..

Some pretties for your use..

Say 'Hello' to my Bunny buddies..

What to do with all those leftover colored eggs !?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Sunny Happy Easter!

A few of my favorite Rabbits pictures for you..

Its a beautiful Sunny day here, the roasting chicken
is in the oven and the lemon meringue pie is waiting to be eaten! Hope your Easter isn't too much of a 'Sugar Overload' but if you still need more.. go here> even more sugar goods

A delightful embossed card..

heehee .. just a wishful basket for me...

A Great Big Thank you to all the 'PINK GIRLS' in the Hippity Hop Swap.. it was delightfully fun!!

This was my favorite of all the goodies ..soo richly colorful!

Rearranged my shelf display..

A assortment of Rabbits, chicks and dishes..

Artist bunny ...
Another view of my Easter tree and collection..

Paper eggs and carrot bunny...

More rabbit art for your enjoyment..have a great day..

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter is Almost Here- Rain- Shine or Snow!

oh dear, I think this is how 'Easter' will look here... a snowy trail to the door.... poor Mr. Bunny!

A interesting German postcard..

Well ..I am definately back to 'cute' and this old French postcard proves it!

Don't forget to feed your 'bunnies' on Sunday! We're having my favorite a Lemon meringue pie.
Like I said 'Rain or Shine'.. Easter is coming..pooh pooh.. I don't like 'Easter' in March.. April is a much better time!

This 'was' going to be my blog banner, but came out to fuzzy from resizing too many times..

A very lazy digi collage..but kinda 'cute'..
I will be busy painting all next week. so..will post something special on Monday.. please come back and check it out..

No peeking or telling till Monday! Have a 'Sweet Sweet Easter' no matter what the weather!!

Some of my stuff and a rabbit under glass..

Real ducks under glass and a rabbit print from 'Jenny' of 'Everyday is a Holiday' fame!

More rabbits and one of mine under glass..
Mica of 'Garboodles' last year's swap Doll under glass..

A Valerie Weberpal rabbit..isn't he wacky cute?!

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