Thursday, October 28, 2010

Etsy Sale & Halloween Peeks

The past couple of days we have had some bad weather and lots of power outtages so was not able to get on the computer til today.. sooo... there is a 'Sale in my Etsy Store' now til Sunday.. then 'No Halloween' til next year.. now my' Thanksgiving and Christmas' projects begin..

Not sure what's up with my camera.. is it the camera or me?? but everything seems grainy and out of focus..
Jerry Arnold ornaments, Lori Rudolph teapot, and a original Cheswick Co. felt Kitty ornament!
My New Bethany Lowe Black feather tree, pictured during the day and at night with lights..

A peek of a corner shelf with Scott Smith pieces, Kerry Howard-Schmidt Felted Ghost,Nicol Sayre kitty and Paul Gordon lantern, with a couple of vintage paper plates.

A Beistle paper Witch and rabbits..

Lori Ann Corelis mohair Pumpkin Baby and a old composition baby.. some paper clay mushrooms I made and a peek of a one of my Bethany Lowe designs..
Old Chalkware Rabbits and a Wool Bunny with carrot I made copying a picture of a old rabbit toy, Shelia Bentley Green Witch, a pair of my Bethany Lowe Halloween kids.
Old papier mache doll with leather hands.

Old owl, and assorted Halloween books, paper plates, diecuts and cards stuffed in a small suitcase. I was just to lazy or too pooped to decorate this year..

Nicol Sayre Clay Dolls hanging on a old transferware plate.
My favorite wall with a few of my vintage Halloween paper plates.

Night blooming Jasmine in the kitchen..smells great..sort of a heavy dose of honey.. and my Bethany Lowe reproduction ghost.

We bought a new fridge last week.. so added my tin plates to side with magnets.

Close-up of my Favorite Chalkware doll [originally was a lamp] I repainted her and added that wonderful old black crepe paper collar. Someday I'll rewire her and make a lamp shade..but for now its party hats!
More Scott Smith pieces and very cool paper dresden bats!
A fat composition and cloth body Baby Kewpie in a real kid's Halloween costume.

Close-up of those cute Greg Guedel Pumpkin pair and a photo copy of a sweet pierrot girl printed on photo paper from 'French Kissed' a wonderful Etsy Store that sells vintage photo and postcard downloads. That pumpkin tin paper label is embossed with gold trim,it's really a lovely label..
Had to take another picture of Lori Rudolph 'Retro Rudolph' postcards with old German paper pulp Pumpkins giving them the eye! The neat mask on lamp is a Bethany Lowe paper piece.

Nancy Patek Witch Sign with my Owl Ornament piece designed for Bethany Lowe.

The Witch with pumpkins ,a older piece designed for Bethany Lowe and one of my favorites.
The Pumpkin Lantern with Cat is a Scott Smith design for Bethany Lowe, and this year I added a Battery operated changing color light and is really adds a neat effect..

Halloween decorations in the living room corner again.. I keep rearranging stuff.. but that's the fun of it..and yep, more Bethany Lowe stuff the big head girl and stacking boxes..
Close-up of shelf above TV..

The good, the the creepy and the pretty.. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Lanterns

What a perfect picture for Halloween of paper lanterns!

I love paper lanterns and was surprised that I had so many of them! So you are getting about half the images .. I hope you enjoy.. and maybe get yourself a few..

A John Wright Brownie with lantern.

Moon face lantern..

A very neat picture by Maxfield Parrish..
One of 2 framed framed old magazine covers in the bedroom..

My favorite faux Chinese Lanterns and my big paper lantern [ looks prettier when lit]

Pretty paper lantern..

Photo of the real Chinese lanterns in the garden,very easy to grow!

Botanical print of my favorite Chinese lantern.
Pretty lanterns in Japan .

My sister and her Ikea paper lamp..
Rubber stamp with lanterns and a cute postcard.

This is another Lantern print we have in the bedroom.

Old postcard and the above print in a sepia version.

This was new to me always knew them as Chinese Lanterns..hmmm..

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