Friday, November 30, 2007

I Been Tagged, Twice! and other Silliness..

Here is a freebie to copy , love this picture..

Here was my Matchbox Swap, with
Love panettone..My daughter gave us one for Thanksgiving and gone! Going to try and bake my own this month and also ordered my fruitcake online last night a first... so will be baking and eating this Christmas.. its gonna be a Holiday Carb Fest!

Free postcard to play with in honor of the' Stocking and Snowman Swaps.'. and a Postcard to 'Thank 'Calamity Kim the Pie group! Does anyone love mincemeat besides me?!

Well in Oct. I ordered this Kit from but have not had the time to try it yet..My plan 'was' to review it and make some Christmas presents...lovely little kit..will keep you posted in this new project..

Free Christmas postcard, blonde and fashionable ..

Well ,the month cannot be complete with out some yummy Eye Candy and calorie Free!

A pair of postcards from a series of sweet Christmas kids for you..

And now a weird advertising card for you..

Hmm...Well, been tagged a couple times, so guess I better play... Suppose to list '5 Random Things about me'. Then I tag 7 others, and they do the same. Guess that won't be hard...

1. Johnny Depp and me have the same birthday but, 9 years huh? [and the No. 9 is my lucky number.] 2. I love baking and reading cook books. 3. I tend to procrastinate..alot! 4. I love buying shoes,but hate my feet. 5. My husband and me do not exchange Christmas gifts, we just buy something for the house and I make him his favorite 'Lumber Jack Cookies'..

Now here is the list of 7 Ladies I have Tagged : 1.Vivian 2. Barbara 3. Bren 4. Susan 5.Cathy 6. Missy 7. Joy and added a bonus name: Valerie as want her to get to know everyone!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

December Glitter and Grunge

Dec. 1st is the new listing on 'Glitter and Grunge' so here is a peek of one of my pieces.. and make sure to see what all the artist will have been busy with!

Some freebies for your creative pleasures..

The snow is really coming down here today..looks soo pretty.. and I have been slow to get projects and decorating done!! but will be ready to show pictures for the Christmas Blog Parties that Karla Debb are hosting [see my side panels..]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Girl on the Blog

Welcome Valerie Weberpal to Blogland ! A sweet and talented lady I met last year at a Show, and fell in love with her quirky dolls.. Please go say hello on her new blog

These are a 'Wool Pins' Valerie made for me and I put them on collaged chipboard and hang on the wall, so can enjoy..

My grumpy bunny with wool egg..oops! forgot the close-up of Valentine ,he's so cute used a vintage pop bottle cap in collage..

My Corduroy Pumpkin sits in a wire highchair, I have another pumkin but can't find her picture in my files.. you can see more of her work on EarthAngels website

My favorite is this boy bunny, he's so silly and has a real egg basket and a paper clay head..Now I need a girl to go with!! Valerie..uh... hope you read this!

These are just a couple of projects I promised to finish for Me, 3 years ago! So before the year is over...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas on My Website

Received this lovely Stocking and yummy treats from Carol [not sure if she has a blog?!] for the 'Vintage Stocking Swap' and my swap will be going to Brenda's Little Cottage so can't show it til see sees first!

Hello, home from a wondeful visit to my sister's house.. we had a fabulous dinner and my sister always sets a beautiful table..the grandbabies are growing so fast from seeing them in Sept. !

Anyways, back home and itching to decorate!! put all my Turkeys and fall stuff away for next year.. and unpacking will have pictures later in the some new ornaments in coppers and lime green.. and the new twinkling lights..

Well, posted a few 'Christmas pieces' for sale on my website more coming next week as I finish..using some antique quilts for a few dolls and Saturday bought lots of Martha Stewart Glitters, love that stuff!

Finally, here is a 'freebie paper dolly' [p.s. you can use the legs from my other free paperdolls from past post].

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - NewTrailer

finally a new Johnny Depp movie and Tim Burton and my fav time period!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and Nov.25 Christmas Sale

Happy Thanksgiving, may all have a heart felt holiday, safe driving and good food!

We will be driving to my sister's in Sault Ste. Marie, taking my mother with us and meeting my daughter and her family there too..Iam in charge of pies.. so will be baking tomorrow...and have fun treats for the grandkids...Iam sooo excited to see everyone !! I miss everyone, love my niece and nephew's fun company my sister her hubby and those loveable silly grandkids!!

Sunday we will start doing our Christmas Decorating !! How about you?!

Have you been to Karla' Cottage lately? She has a pretty new look on her blog and hosting a fun Blog party, show off your favorite Christmas Decorating! The party is Dec. 12th go sign up!

Nov.25th I will have New Christmas pieces for sale on my website, and some stuff leftover from my show [see previous post for pictures] Had lots of stuff on my work tables that didn't get finished in time for the show, so will be on my website and some special pieces for 'Glitter and Grunge' in Dec.!

Tin Man Trailer

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Home From Show/ Holidaze Booth Views

Got home late Sat. night from my Holidaze Show, and here are a few pictures from the Show..

Pink was new for me to do and I really was happy with the pieces and will make more!

Some more of the Pink stuff..

These were my smallest pieces 5''tall..

I just had fun with the Snow boys .. vintage tinsel, gold dresdens and paper from old 1927 magazine.

A crowded 'Group Shot' of my table before the Show! Use a couple of my favorite antique quilts as props..

More traditional colors for Christmas..

A Clse up of a sweet Snow Maid in her hoop skirt.

Some of my Vintage Photo Ornaments..wrapped in silver or copper tape..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old Crepe Paper and Inspiration

While I was digging in my boxes looking for trims, I found some pkgs. of old crepe paper that I had bought a while back at our local St. Vinnies..and thought it would be perfect for doing some flower girls that I saw in Sandra Evertson's book so made a couple samples to see if I want to do more..hmm my coffee break is over back to the basement and today is when everything gets its glittery finish!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Upcoming Show

Did up this layout with a new digi kit from Rhonna Farrer Snow Frames and borders..and one of my papier mache Santas for upcoming Show...

Just a old postcard I dressed up with a crown [she had a Really Bad Hair-Do] and perky bow..and intensified the color..

My Halloween tree is down and Fall bouquet and turkeys are out everywhere and my favorite chalkware squirrel and rabbits..

We had our first snow Nov. 5th and now gone..dressed up the kitchen window in turkeys..

Our first Snow for the Season..all melted away.. but More is coming!!

Here are 2 biz cards I did up ...played with my new digi snow borders.. fun.. love my pastel card with the man and lady French clowns..this is from a series and she is wearing plaid leggings and at the last card she has nothing on! Rather rude pierrot!

A pretty angel card used Rhonna Farrer flourishes...

Some Free turkey cards for the pinky turkey card..

Hello, been a basement troll the past few days getting ready for my last show of the year next Friday and Sat. in Eau Claire , Wis.. I will downstairs ,booth#83 so will post pictures of my booth next week for you to see..well my lunch brake is over back to work! Also been working on my Swap projects as time allows..

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