Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Say Good bye to 2010.. it was a good year for us, but not a great year...still we are thankful to be able to look forward to a new year.. and here are a few vintage postcards for your enjoyment ..

May All of you readers have a Happy NEW YEAR..

We are experiencing some WACKY WEATHER HERE, RAIN AND SNOW..

Time to think about my NEW YEAR resolutions.. will let you know tomorrow..

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a Merry Christmas

Today I baked my Mincemeat pie and got a few packages in the mail .. so will be busy cooking Christmas Dinner tomorrow ..

Some more views of our Christmas.. Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Received a big box from Bethany Lowe Designs and very pleased with 'my 2011 Spring Samples' is a peek at one.. Mushroom Bunny , he's perfect for Christmas and Valentines..also had a mini swap with Vivian and our theme was 'Deers'.. she made the sweetest little Deer ornament [needlefelted] and the darling deer in a dixie cup with tree, clock and candycane! Thanks much and hugs to you Vivian! I hope you'll enjoy your little deers from me!

Today I received this nice paper Christmas ornament bought on etsy that I will refurbish ..
A cute baby embossed scrap that looks like a Maud Humphrey..
Now the fun stuff! Bought thse cool Christmas Paper Dolls on 'etsy' from: her business name is "The Paper Seamstress" and she has all sorts of delightful Paper Dolls to buy! I downloaded and printed them on some vintage ledger paper from a 1920 book my mom had... and also made copies and instructions on plain paper and put in a binder to play with at a later date.. happy with results so far and hope to finish them tomorrow evening when I can relax and enjoy our quite Christmas and wait for the kids to call..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Issue Celebrate 365 and Other Delights!

Happy to annouce that the new issue of 'Celebrate365' has a sweet little scrapbook article of some of my Christmas Collectins for you to enjoy.. some of my original work and reproductions made by Bethany Lowe Designs, some antique and new collectibles all mix in a happy blend for the holiday! Thank you Connie ! The link to the site is on my sidebar..

A cute Santa baby..

Here is my Favorite Snowman Capt. Snowball, he is featured in the new issue of 'Celebrate365'
and will be for sale on etsy today..

Look what came in the mail today!!! A trio of Scott Smith Santas, a lantern, a candy container and a small figurine.. Absolutely love them!! I have a weakness for white Santas..

The Santa Lantern is in the glass cabinet for the moment to be safe till I get a tiny light for him..

The Candy container Santa has joined the family next to my Silver Bunny [got when I was 2] and Bethany Lowe tall tan Santa.
A close-up of the Cody Foster Gnome on Mushroom glass ornament.
A old roly poly Santa repainted by me ,notice his bunny?!

A lucky ebay win, this delightful small 10''German doll in her original outfit. She has blue glass eyes and a crude papier mache body...but she still is pretty to me..just needs some TLC..
Here she is standing with another Doll I received the other day [see previous posting]. She has been cleaned up, her hair cleaned and combed into a fat little braid with newly cut bangs and waiting for some arms and a new dress.

While I was looking at one of my favorite blogs [ . I looked at a German online catalog ' Impressionen' that she had posted about.. so did some Wishful Shopping.. saw these cool Angel Wing cookie cutters and yummy sweater .. too bad can't speak German, but can figure out a few of the words..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Etsy Items Posted!

I finally got all my Christmas items posted for Sale on .. I forgot to post this Santa cone, if interested , special price >$40.00 and the cone is 10"tall. 'SOLD' THANK YOU!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ena Andi-Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio

Peeks for Etsy and Treats in the Mail!

The 'Santa is Sold '.. a peek at some pieces that will go on Etsy Tuesday night..

A look 'Before' eveything gets it's Glitter and Collars and a dusting of Snow!

Young and Old Santa Freebies..
I've been good..well in my eyes.. ha! See what Santa brought me .. 2 of my favorite things! A Bottle of French perfume,' John Galliano', which smells divine!! [ take a look at his fabulous gothy Victorian, in the making commercial on You Tube] A heady oriental infused with violets ..spritzed some on my wrists and can't stop sniffing.. lush stuff! One of my favorite high fashion designers and now with the House of Dior.[ which makes my all time Favorite perfume.. Poison.. this new perfume is a close second! ]
I'm a Lucky girl.. this 20" tall Doll was on ebay and could not resist! A German AM 370, a fixer upper with working brown sleep eyes ,original mohair wig, labeled leather jointed body but missing a arm, and has pretty underthings ..and a corset! Even in this state she is pretty..
So here's her 'before' picture will post her 'after' sometime next month!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Christmas Peeks

A table tree with birds, moons and owl ornaments plus black, copper,chocolate and gold ornaments ..Have to make a owl tree topper ..

Frames with fruit crate labels for the season.

Kitchen table with papier mache projects and sewing basket waiting patiently for its turn!

More pictures of stuff bought on ebay from my new Nicol Sayre Angel and Glass Gnomes by Cody Foster.. they are delightful with a nice vintage patina.. also got a lovely pink glass goldfish.. but on a different tree.. next time..

A old 'French Souvenir Doll' still has tag on her arm ,but think china head is a replacement, but still like her. Gold paper Dresden wings and a pink cloth jointed body.

More old and new stuff on shelf.

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