Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloglandia Ball

Today is the Bloglandia Ball at a Ball dress to wear to the Harvest Moon Gala.. Dance under a full mellow moon ...fall is coming, well ..I think its here! I just played late into the night.. with my new digital elements from and my favorite rubber stamp 'moon face' and a few old photos , my Microsoft picture program ..Didn't really do much of a dress..was more hooked up on the moon thing..go check out the others for fabulous gowns..

and wha'ts a party without yummy eats!? May I please have a big slice of cake with lots of butter cream frosting flowers and a tall glass of Blackberry wine....then maybe.. I might do a small happy dance with the grandbabies ...they are the moonbeams from my heart..ahhh

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mail Full of Swaps!

OOOh ahhh... look at this elegant 'Kitty in Pumpkin' with a rhinestone and mica encrusted pop-up cone, she even handpainted the mailing box [I'm saving that!].. a do it yourself kit with cone plus pretty ribbons and rickrack! Thank you, Daphne please visit her pretty site ..she has lovely romantic work..

Wow! A packaged wrapped in B&W vinyl cloth.. from Kari and a iron hanger that fits perfect in my kitchen.

and here's the inside treats ..but I have been instructed not to open til 'Oct. 14th'! One SWEET present everyday til Halloween.. ouch! isn't that.. SINISTER?!

Look at all the pretty b&w tissue paper prints and came in a big B&W box tied with a ribbon!

My, what a cool package from a cool lady! Jessi she does some really nice collages and just has the best time doing it!! I'll be chomping that lollipop til Christmas , if I can bear to unwrapp her lovely ribbons and paper collage!! The cat bag & kitty pez is too cute!! Thanks sweetie!!

Well, late last night I bought and downloaded a 'collage digi kit' from designed by 'Snydie Nuckles' is awesome, but hadn't the chance yet to really play withyet.. but added a few things, here on my swaps..That site has loads of digi kits and helpful info.. great stuff!

Oh my! look at these cute Halloween bunnies!! and that hat is so much prettier in person than my picture!! Fancy machine stitching and a variety of fabrics pretty.. go look at the Flickr Halloween Hat Swap Group! Barbara is a very creative girl take a peek at her blog the card had a tiny BOO pin on it too!! Thank you!!

Karla's House Party! Show and Tell..

oops! forgot to add this picture! it has Karla's 'Paperdoll Dress' with bunny!

One of my favorite things is my faux Feather tree in the kitchen.. pictures from 2006..

My old tins in there new display..2007

My Halloween collections..2007 [you can see more ofthe halloween decorations in past postings]

My Santa Collections..2006

My bunny Collections..2006

So happy to be at Karla's House Party! Her home is a dazzler!! Someday I'm Gonna visit that Girl!! hehee.. Karla has a eye for 'beautiful clutter' and you can see her on her blog and in the new Romantic Home magazine! What I love about my home is , just waking up every morning to enjoy the things I love.We have a tiny house and it had tiny rooms, then last year we remodeled and opened up the livingroom, dining room and kitchen [all new kitchen too] into one big cosy room and no matter when you are the wall with my shelf [my mantle sort of] is the focal point..and our home is a happy place to be for all who are here.. Thanks Karla ,as you too have touched our home with your little pieces of art..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Package from Miss Duffy [and other banners..]

ok, here are the 2 other Blog Banners I did, but could not pick what looked the best.. Can you??

What a Treat! Thanks, very Gothic package.. will use the bead garland on my hanging lampshade project! The black leaf garland will go around my DH deer head and the tiny crow is on my Halloween tree, the Candlelabra.. well, the table of coarse! 'Baby Girl' checked things out & approves! Thank you Miss Duffy..

Still decorating the house ..everything should be up by Oct. 1st! I keep finding more decorations..

New Banner and Freebies..

freebies.. 2 very different Ladies with a pumpkin...

Well, I was tired of the old banner and wanted to try something new.. went to 'Two Peas in a Bucket' and they have a new look to the website.. lots of new stuff for scrapping.. and went and bought the 'Rhonna Farrer Blog Banner Digital Kit'...easy to use in I did up 3 banners so posted the first one up ... plus used my postcard cut outs and fonts and thats it..well off to bed..that 's all for tonight..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gerard Butler - Addicted

this is a really cool vid , She did a great job blending music and pictures!

Gerry Butler---Doin' Things(We're Not Supposed To)

Oh my! can't help myself..time to have more Gerard...

Thanks & Swaps..

Thank you, to all the creative and thoughtful ladies who joined in the swap..

A sweet little package stuffed full of paper goodies from Tini in Germany for the 'Vintage Banner Swap'! Thank you!

A digi picture done with a Holiday Sampler freebie from Shabby Princess of my girl kitty 'Baby Girl'..

A collage made by Natalea of for the Halloween Swap.. Thank you love it!

Swap package from Natalea ,tea towels, candle, tags, tiny heads, Halloween collage and pretty ribbons..and wrapped in orange tissue! Thank you!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Stuff on My Website & Freebie Art

Hello, more paper doll scraps and other pictures for you to use..

These would be great for Christmas and Valentines...

Hmmm frogs and coffee..intersting mix.. wonder why this company is no more...hehe...gulp!

Freebies to use..

Time to show your swaps..

A cloth Witch on my website..

A Pumpkin clown on my website..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Swap Package Today and Digi Kits!

Hello, here are 2 interesting little' digi kits' from 'Rhonna Farrer' that are so cool...just love her style and colors! You can find them at if you want to try digital scrapping and want a new blog banner ,well this is a good start! Wow! Think I want them..

Love this kit with the fall and winter color palette..those swirls are sooo cool..

Me in my Peter Rabbit Halloween costume with my mom at a school Carnival in Calif.....

My framed collage picture.. was the inspiration for the 'Halloween Swap' theme.. Got this cool gothic style digital frame at it's from Rhonna Farrer..was from a downloaded Freebie they have real paper scrapping supplies too..

Received one of my Swap partner's packages today from Debb G at 'Debb's Gathering Place' at painted box was inside the mailing box.. plus a Martha Stewart paper box and she even painted the mailing box label ..which I saved.. you can see all swap pictures on Flickr group! Very cute! I noticed some of the swap ladies do not have Flickr...So if you want, even if you have Flickr... you can email me your 'Halloween Swap Photos' and I will post on the 'flickr group swap page' for everyone to see..

Debb you out did yourself! Love the Matha Stewart printed stuff.. oodles of ribbons, tinsel tassels, a wood cat, stickers, paper candy bags, a cute cat bell, black feather trim, a flashing cat pin [gotta wear that when we got to visit the grandkids!]

I was working on a Halloween charm bracelet and Debb sent some 'cool pumpkin jingle bells' and a silver cat charm, that were perfect for the bracelet! and lastly a cool ink pen [I'll use that at my upcoming Halloween Show in Oct.!] thank you and hope my package wasn't too boring compared to yours!

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