Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Power Blackouts, Swap Packages & Lost Emails!

A package of cool supplies for my projects from : They always have great stuff to buy!

Freebie> original a Victorian Christmas postcard ! I erased all the script..looks more Halloween to me with the dramatic background , perhaps a white witch??

A nice package from: of supplies for the swap! Scrap book stuff & digitals kits too.

Freebie> Pumpkin cut out..

Well, all wasn't gloomy this week.. received ' Betty's Swaps' for the mini swap.. and love them! THANK YOU BETTY! They made my day.. plus received my new 'Country Living' magazine, lots of great pictures and ideas!

Freebie> Cat head.

And was another Surprise from my mailman.. my "Vintage Kitchen Swap' that was just.. Wow! From Ele at: ..a crocheted apron, copper fruit basket mold, embellished recipe cards, a beaded spreader [she makes these ,see her blog], a linen hand towel, a brown transferware plate with zodiac, art tags, green tin tray with a rose, and my total fav is the 'tin plate with a English cottage' on it!! The pretty wrapping paper I carefully saved for future use! THANK YOU Very Much !! All the treats are dee-lightful! We were slowpokes on this swap, my fault.. so hope she will like what I got her ..this was a hard swap for me to do... rather clueless what to buy in !?

My newest biz card... did it this morning while testing out my computer.. after all the crazy on and offs with the power we had the past 2 days..

another card.. gloomy gothic look..

My, what a week so far! Been having problems with my mailbox... and then ..Yikes! we had big winds and rain.. the power was going on and off ..with a horrible 'gasp' from the computer the first time we lost power..and I thought 'oh no !! we just paid it off .. our second computer and only a year old !'

Well I did lose ALL my email info and some picture programs..but my email has been screwy the past couple weeks anyways,...been locking up or I would gett 50 copies of the same been jumping over to my server when the outlook is wacky.. but still have a computer that works !!

So a request.. 'Everyone in the Swap' could you please send me a email!? My partners in the Halloween Swap, especially plus send your 'mailing addresses' as ready to mail packges on Friday !!


Nancy Lee Malay said...

You have the coolest graphics, Debbie!! Do you do all of this magical stuff yourself?!


barbara burkard said...

hi my wind blown friend!
I am your halloween hat partner from speckled-egg! I need your address to mail it out to you! I have posted it on my blog so don't go look if you want to be suprized!


barbara burkard said...

...also love love love your new card! very spooktacular!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the cat image. She's just the perfect size for a little Hallo. item for my house. Good pumpkin also! Thanks again. Carolr

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebees, I love the cat, it's so perfect for our swap.
I am having fun getting ready for the swap, I even put Halloween music on my blog and please check out my blog because I featured your "Halloween Swap" and wanted to make sure you liked it before many people see it.
Let me know if it's ok.
Thanks, Bren

bluemuf said...

Beautiful eye candy, great swap treasures, and some nice clip art.

So sorry to hear about your e-mail troubles. I've sent an e-mail to you.

Thank you for the clipart very nice


Michelle said...

Wow you have been sooo busy! I love all your halloween art and the kitchen looks so good!

thanks for sharing!

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