Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gray Day

Is a gray day here.. tried to take pictures for the April ''Glitter'' and lighting was awful things looked alittle odd..went to outside and noticed the primulas are green and can see the stone rabbit in the flower bed..Getting ready to visit sister in Sault St. Marie.. and a needed break..will be fun!! and will now take the camera to do pictures..if nothing else the blog is making me think more about taking pictures..Hopefully may get to see my daughter and the grand babies too!! as only 4 hours away from my sister.. and no snow.. I can wear normal shoes!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

oh, here are some of my desktop wallpapers and screensavers I did for my computer using stuff from 'Peppermint' and my the screensavers out there are so not me...and then, just a bunch of my favorite rabbit pictures and some of my rabbits..

Trying that picture thing one more time.. then I'm really done for tonight!! Been standing in the basement for the last 9 hours and feel it all the way up my old back...time for a hot shower, a cup of tea and a soft bed! Here is a doll on my website, made of paperclay pressed into plaster molds, [I did a second head that I will put on a teddy bear body]. I had seen a old wax doll done on a egg so thought hmmm..

heck, I'm lost here... thought I added some pictures..but nothing showed up.. so trying this again.. with some different pictures.. here are a few cards I did up with my new brush overlays from ' ' I just love playing with them..these are old French postcards..Hey, I think it worked?! well, went surfing last night and was blown away by Pam Garrison's blog..I think its my favorite.. all the wonderful pictures..she is one busy lady..I doubt mine will ever be as interesting..lately I can't seem to catch up on anything..been slow going..thats it for tonight..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well, its beginning to look like Spring here...melting snow and mud..but the sun is shining and I see robins sitting in our bare apple trees...was happy to see I got a few Welcome comments, thanks to all for stopping what to do with them?? Hmmm... still learning here during in my snack breaks..going to pull 'all nighter' to catch up on my work, as my DH is on midnights..brewing some coffee..and need to finish up painting tonight...then maybe can start add pictures tomorrow..once I figure out how to add to the post..I did get a new treat for myself.. a set of brush overlays from love it.. and a neat sight lots of info and digital scrap stuff..had to try it out this morning ..used on some old Easter postcards will try to post them...bought a commercial license ,so could use on my blog & website to enhance photos..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well,my blog for a week now ..and haven't had much time to play with and add pictures to it..Been working on stuff for my website and still have not made into my sewing room..maybe Sat. or Sunday ,as lots of projects are stacking up on the table and Easter is almost here!! Winter is leaving us I can see patches of bare ground..

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