Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On Vacation

On Vacation til July 5th.. Spending time with my sisters family and my daughter and grandkids..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Halloweeen Peek

Spooky Ghost, Dolly Dress-up, and Pumpkin Rabbit will be for Sale on Tuesday at: and also have donated Door Pizes ,so go see the variety ofHalloweeen treats ..

My sister and niece got here last night , so will be leaving today for her house...will bring my camera so hope will have something interesting to share when back...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seeing Red, Red, Red..

Sadie Olive has a fun game for the Blogs of Red pictures to share... so had to do it! Go to :Sadie Olive's blog for more details..

Santa in Red.. a must!

A Favorite old postcard of Rabbits on a Red background..
Robin Red Breast and Red berries..

A pretty French card with Red strawberries..

Another Red Easter postcard..

Really Red Fall trees... maples..

Yummie, yummie Red fruit and veggies..

A Red heart head boy made by me..
My favorite room in Ralph Lauren paint 'Deep Red'.
Another picture of our Red bedroom.

My favorite doll in her Red French ribbon bow .
A pretty doll in Red hair...
A Red dressed witch on a old postcard.
Love is a big red heart..well atleast on Valentines Day.

A nice little Red Book cover..

A Red toile wallpaper..this might be going in our' Bathroom remodel project'..

Red dressed German paper dolls..would be nice in red crepe paper skirt and pantaloons..

A neat old graphic ad in Red..

Red roses are so pretty..

Red flowers,always get my attention..

Rabbit in a big Red egg postcard..

Friday, June 6, 2008

Johnny and Me

Posted this a little early as will be gone for a couple of weeks and not sure if I will have access to a computer...

Yep, Johnny and me share the same birthday..born under the same sign..but I had it first by 9 years..[heehee]... yeah, we are both eccentric to a degree, maybe him more than me...'maybe'...

A few silly observations by me: His kids are half French, my grand kids are half French. We both like wearing bracelets, we wear glasses and are part Indian...I grew up in Calif. he moved to Calif. We have a few bad habits, he smokes too much and I drink too much coffee..having said that, I have never met the fellow, he never calls or visits...and was in Wisconsin recently too! Oh well, I still like watching his movies anyways...soooo... HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO US! Have a good one and many more Johnny.... Eat lots of cake and drink some wine..I know thats what I plan to do!

Isn't he cute?! His momma must be so proud!

Like this photo in the old garden...

Had fun finding the no. 54 on search images on Yahoo..try it with your special number and see what comes up..I didn't use all.. but here's a sample of a few good ones..

More eye Candy for you Johnny Girls.... he 'really' is 'pretty'..

Also to let you know... Tuesday June 10th is the Halloween Folk Art Sale on and there will be door prize goodies too..maybe tomorrow I will post what I have to offer.. later...

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