Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day Misc.

Oh-la-la! I know a special someone whose going to France next week.. for a month..again!! and Boo Hoo its not me..again..Have a safe and happy trip Sweeties..take lots of pictures..

Received this pretty box of princess treats, a glittery slipper, a bag of sweets, a pretty birdy on a sewing box and this very nice crown complete with glittery eggs in a royal nest!Even the back is pretty! Thank you ,Sarah!

Finished up my cards for 'Beth and Karla's Bird and Bonnet Vintage Workshop Swap' here's a peek at a couple I made,the front and back ..

A pretty postcard for your creative of my favorites so pretty with great colors.
This Saturday is the Swashbuckler Share Day... Do you like Pirates?! Me tooo! visit Donnas blog for more info:
Found this neat Leather Gold Fish necklace on Esty.. Seeing lots of orange in the catalogs for that color...
We have a little chipmunk that comes on the deck so I have been leaving him not Ore's but raisins nuts and granola..even little critters need more healthier snacks!

Hello, finished working for the day and waiting for some stuff I bought on ebay...For now cleaning up the yard,pruning the rose bushes and even saw the daffodils peeking out..we are suppose to get rain the next couple of days so should really green everything up..

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some Favorite Recycled Stuff

My favorite cloth artist ' Valerie Weberpal of Harvest Moon' ... She does the most Delightful characters from recycled textiles and old buttons!

A real yummy and labor intensive creation are the recycled tins made into wonderful teacups with magnets inside so you can stack.. these pictures were from a old Mary Engelbreit's HOME COMPANION, Aug/Sept. 2003 The artist is' Harriete Estel Berman'

Well these cute trashy treats were on ETSY by MoJo Trashions.. so fun, bootie and bags..

A collaged flower from fabric and have seen them in papers too..wear them or use to decorate packages curtains..hmmm..whatever..

Finished up my cards for 'Beth and Karla's Birds and Bonnets, Vintage Workshop Swap'..thats a mouthful..

Well, here I am again...late... missed the Earth Day posting... but life is not always on the computer...

Enjoy the pictures ...working here on swaps, orders and inventory for my web sales and well just been too lazy and tired sit at the computer...sorry... will try to post some pictures tomorrow of my recycled stuff around the house... and maybe projects...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hodge Podge and good stuff..

Had a Idea!! Tuesday, April 22 is Earth Day..what if everyone does a post on that day showing something they recycled,reused...or even bought that was a recycled item.. or tell what they do to be eco-friendly in their home... added a couple of pictures here for inspiration.. check out this site for some cool eco design stuff >

Went shopping on 'etsy' and bought this cute 'Bunny Baby Doll Dress', came today in the mail and very happy with.. I'll use like a apron or layer over a longer dress..have some cute German Mary Jane shoe with all over cutouts and jasper stone jewelry to go with...

'Dead Worry' is the seller and she has lots of cool vintage prints on stuff /octopus,owls,cats even a mermaid.. I like the big bag think will be my next purchase...great for shopping..

You can find her shop here>

We have trilliums like this all around our cabin [see my archives] and back yard ,when there's no snow..

A most awesome Rabbit!! but forgot where I found..

This cup/bowl is soooo me..

Good idea?? I'm not sure...

Always liked grandma use to make, and made me one even had a lid .. I just loved it .. but could never make myself cut up my cards.. sure wish I had a printer 20 years ago!!! anyways, have some ideas on doing a 'card basket' as a swap..but need to work it out the details etc ...

Fun stuff to collage for the kitchen..great way to use ugly or worn out spoons..

Ideas for those scraps of lace and piles of dollies..

well, this was just because..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Where is Spring?? I actually saw a Robin yesterday but was too slow with the camera..

Dreadful ! The view yesterday morning poor old lilac tree..

This is by the kitchen door, Friday morning... but it really was pretty everything coated in sparkling snow..a good day to turn on the oven and bake!

Our pontoon boat is waiting for summer and lazy days on the lake and rivers around us...We can hardly wait !!

Old rose bushes and persian lilac all covered in heavy snow and my honeysuckle looking droopy..

More droopy roses..

Cute China Doll feet..

A Japanese Bunny Sweater Dress..kinda cute if I only weighed 100 lbs. and was 16 years old!!

You are invited to a PARTY over at Debbie Overton's Blog she is turning 50.. omg! Here is her link: she has recipes and treats for you ..go visit and say hi! She would like you to share your 'Expressions of Gratitide' in your life on her Birthday and link to her..isn't that a Nice Thing to Share?!

Well not much going on here..working on a few projects, so maybe take pictures in a couple of days...guess more intersted in looking at other people's blogs for now.. and Wow, there are some amazing ones out there! Went to Delightful Blogs to look at some' make-up' and 'perfume blogs' and even a couple of funny celebrity gossip blogs.. how 'trashy of me'...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Few Old Dolls..Doll Show..

Most of my Dolls were 'Basket cases' I picked up over the years... as were affordable and enjoyed cleaning and repairing them... love them all ,no matter how dirty or broken... they had a home again...

This is my no. 1 Favorite Doll in my collection! Many years ago I use to do 'Doll Shows' and to past the time my daughter and me would play a game of 'What if '... you could have any doll here... well ,we both had picked this beauty! A.M. 1894 on a jointed compo and wood body... so had to buy her!! She was the most expensive doll I had bought at that time... but have never regretted!These are 2 of my very old papier mache dolls..

Tiny bisque Geman doll heads and a small German cutie ,had a bad haircut long ago.. no markings...

A all cloth mask face 1930's or early 40s dollie..

I love doll feet /shoes.. these are my papier mache lady..

These belong to a German bisque head ..

and here she is waiting to get some new clothes.. A.M. doll ..I have quite a few A.M. dolls..

A favorite German , Kestner 154..very pretty pale blue eyes.. and the most perfect complexion..

A really pretty German K*R ..the most lovely bisque coloring and brown eyes..

A A.M. with a slightly goofy eye but still pretty.. waiting to be restored..

Oh! gotta have my rabbits! This is a composition head I restored awhile back.. and he has a white composition sister.. see past postings as have lots of doll in them .. we won't even get started on the postcards I have of pretty girls and dolls!!

A cloth Rabbit maybe 'Oswald Rabbit' a old cartoon from 1920's-30's.. mask face, waiting for some buttons to go on his flannel trousers!

A lovely French Fashion with a replacement wig.. still waiting to get her dress.. I have actually 5 French Fashions in various sizes and conditions..packed away in hat boxes waiting and waiting to be beautiful again..

A tiny bisque head made into a bear..

A restored Kewpie chalkware doll with all her tiny bear buddies..

A shelf of half dolls,been thinking for ages they all should be 'Mermaids'!

A very old favorite German paperdoll Black baby...

I don't own this beauty.. but he's a 'real Doll' ...I would love to undress and play with!.. sorry about that.. but he's such a Doll!!

Sorry ..I just jumped in at the last minute and took some quickies pictures of a 'few' of my dolls. Here is the link to the home of this Challenge: thank you dearie! Now go visit all the other blogs for some variety of real pretties!! I didn't have the time to do up all my dolls, abut all are a favorite for different reasons...

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