Monday, April 7, 2008

Sharing n' Swapping..

This is what I should be doing instead of sitting here in the wee hours! Isn't she the sweetest little dreamer!

yes, I joined in the swishy sweet 'Mermaid Swap' this will be soooo fun ... here is link to Bella's blg for more info :

Then jumped into this Swap hosted by: and hadn't even saw the movie so rented it from Netflix, so will watch some time in the next day or 2..will be something of a challenge...

While visiting some of my favorite blogs.. I found this delightful entry from We are suppose link to her blog on Tuesday, April 8th of our 'favorite doll or dolls' to share and tell... hmm... guess I will need to do some photos in the morning!

That's it for this posting till tomorrow...geez! looked at the clock and it's here already...well, I'm off to get some much needed beauty sleep! See ya' later..


Pearl said...

Good Morning... I'm new to the world of blog... and just wanted to say hello and let you know how lovely I think your blog is! I could become pleasantly lost in your postings... truly an enchanting place! Thank you and I hope to be back... Respectfully... Pearl

nene said...

"Oh I love your collection you have shared." Very stunning to look at. They are so beautiful!!

I hope you stop by and see my collection for my daughter;-))

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

It has been so long since I posted a comment on one of your blog posts though I do keep up with them pretty well - but just had to leave you a comment on this post.

I had to tell you that I have the painting of the little grl sleeping in the first photo of this post - she hangs on the wall next to my bed. She was originally my mother's and every time I would visit her I would covet it - mom finally gave in last year and let me take her home with me! Oh, how I love her.

Hope all's well - and hope you can keep up with all those swaps! LOL

xoxo, Jan

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