Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ready for Thanksgiving...Time to Bake!

The house is clean and ready for company.. and sort of 'kid-proof' [ha-ha]... New flannel sheets on the beds and fluffy quilts, candles and turkeys everywhere, even baked today..only a matter of hours now and everyone will be here...so I sip tea and wait...

Now I had the dumbest thing happen yesterday... You know how bad luck comes in 3's?! I was patting myself on the back for getting over that flu bug in time and... now this!! Well missed that dang last basement step and yeah...I cried like a baby! Frustration, I can not believe I did such a stupid thing before all my company arrives! Argh!... and it really hurts! Well, nothing broke but now have a foot that looks like a balloon with toes!..so been hobbling around here today and yes..I am done whining !! So on to a new subject!! Baking...

Thanksgiving cards with a food theme.. mainly... Pies! Our favorites for Thanksgiving are Pumpkin [ well really Butternut Squash,and Mincemeat]...

Praying for Pie...

I even have this old can ,but the label is in rough shape..

Some fun nostalgic recipes and booklets...

We buy the Nonesuch Mincemeat in a condensed form, but always add extras like, add 3 types of raisins, a pear or 2, spices, eggs, walnuts, molasses and diced apples to the mix..so why do we even bother buying the box?? Habit or Tradition?? My grandma bought it, my mom bought it and so it goes..

So What is Your Favorite Pie????

Do you ever make 'scrap cookies' with your leftover pie crust dough? Just roll out the scrap dough, smear with butter and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon, cut up in irregular shapes and put on a cookie sheet bake at 350 til golden about 10 minutes...and sometimes they puff into a crisp delight...yum... something to crunch on while the pie cools!

Neat old pie can labels..
Happy Home makers.......

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Flu and Misc. News..

I'm back after being away from the computer for a few days with a bad flu bug..so forgive me if this posting is rather screwy as still not feeling myself..Monday I will post and share all the swaps I have received..

A couple close up pictures of turkeys for your projects..

More postcard art for you to use..

Last week I received this fabulous 'Black Bunny' from Lori Ann Corelis http://web.mac.com/lorianncorelis/Lori_Ann/Welcome.html she makes the most wonderful mohair bunnies , bears and other critters... and after years of adorning them in magazines and seeing her at shows ,well I got my 'first' one and hope more to come..I promise to give them a good home!

Just had to share we both have green eyes..isn't he the cutest little bunnie!? He's soft and floppy with weight to him..

Bought more Thanksgiving postcards on ebay!

Last week we went out of town to shop .[hmm.. think thats where I caught my flu].. got local cranberries and goodies in Wisconsin, our new bathroom vanity from Home Depot, and some clothes shopping at Kohls..my grandson said he wanted a 'awesome shirt' yikes! but found 2 ..and of coarse some cute outfits for our grandaughter too.. plus a couple others treats for them..and could not resist this cute jammie set for me from 'Vera Wang', just love the edging on the neckline hems and pockets so cute and a really neat little hook that the tag is attached with..will use on a swap project... well thats it for now..time for some med and back to bed.. Thank you all for the sweet and kind comments..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peek at Dolls and Mo' Cards

Here's a peek at some of the dolls I'm working on..

Found this nice magazine cover on ebay..our cats favorite way to pass time..

These are cute little dolls you can make and how to on http://www.blumchen.com/ plus all the supplies they have a beautiful catalog full of gorgeous Holiday decorations and ornaments.

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