Friday, March 26, 2010


Geez! I just love my new fringing scissors! Made up these 'new brooches/corsages' to wear or use as decorations..Did some whimsical critters sculpting in a tiny size.. added some crackle textures and lots of fringed crepe paper ... Ta dah ! Reprinted French postcards and attached the pin back to some pretty art paper.. A sweet gift! Now on my Etsy... Monday will be the last day I will add spring stuff up on Etsy..I leave April 1st to visit with the grandkids and my daughter back in May.

Received one of my Swaps the other day from Meri husband must have radar as he snagged the marshmallow bunny and ate it before I looked at all the treats in my package!

Absolutely loved the cone and all the pretty laces, flowers ,buttons, paperdoll,paper gifts, ribbons and candy treats..thanks Meri!! It was a fun swap, giving and receiving!

Tag made by Meri on my Easter tree plus all the little chicks in hat are from Meri also..

Here's the old look' pink crepe paper ornament' and the new improved using peach color crepe paper [thanks to the fringing scissors!].. used Sandy Mastroni Bunny card and added alittle coarse glitter... just love it! See her blog

Real painted eggs and glass eggs on the tree..
The snow has melted here and the sun has been shining all's my kitchen window..

That's me in my paint covered apron...

I received some packages the other day will post pictures on Monday.. Have a great weekend I'll be putting my nose to the grindstone and finishing all my projects..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Swaps for My Partners & Freebies!

Doesn't the picture with rabbit remind you of Alice? Love this book end pages!

A couple of freebies for your creative pleasures..

Bought some digital kits from and got the St. Pat free! go check out her nice site! Easy to work with and quick downloads!

Sent out my Spring Swaps and here are some peeks at them.. and

Meri's told me here favorite color is 'green'.. so did up a paperdoll and ATC booklet with vintage kids and their cones.. Now she has to finish them with embelishments!

Chose 'May Day Queen' as my theme for her 'tussie mussie' as she loves 'Roses'..
Color palette was green, cream, and a peachy orange..
Close-up of sewn ATC cards..

Played with digi kits and here are other swaps.. the basket for Caludia and cone for our hostess Mollye and also for Linda..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Bounty of Goodies !

OOps! Sorry about being late ..again... 3 New pieces are going on Etsy tonight...

Round Rosie..made over a big gourd.. Sold! Will have more bunnies and chicks ready for Friday!
My mail box was stuffed today! and here are some of the delightful treasures.. a vintage rabbit card /won on ebay..
he moves ..bright rich colors.. mint!
Some Easter scraps from ...
just love their pretty!! just in time too as needed for my Easter swaps..Claudia , Mollye and Meri..
Yippy... got my Martha Stewart fringing scissors I bought on ..going to play with them tonight!
Bought these adorable German Chick scraps last week and scanned and blew up,then pasted on light cardboad and cut out placed them all over..too cute! [might have to make some pins..
Hers a peek at some Easter chickies I was sewing last night..and some other Easter stuff to tease you with..
Repainted this bunny girl as not happy with the look first time..

Now for the really good stuff! A perfect package right down to the tiny rabbit tags! I love the ribbon tied box too! Find this creative artist on Etsy The animal charms are cut from old tins..

And a super surprise fill envelope from Sandy Mastroni! I bought her sweet little bunny card with that serious look..and she sent me a big picture of this perfectly sweet blue eyed 'Bunny Girl' [she has big eyes just like my grandaughter!] even has real stitching on it! So will have to find the perfect frame when I go downstate for this treasure.. big hugs to you Sandy!!

The cards I bought [below]plus she sent more treats! A page with the sweetest red haired girl[ will mat and frame her too!] a cute Alice in Wonderland type dolly bookmark but I'll hang her on my bulletin board too pretty to hide in a book!
Plus these fun cards.. too cool!!
[ she does the best kitties too find her on Etsy and her blog link on my sidebar list!

If you noticed the backdrop for the pictures its a log cabin quilt top [ not a quilt yet!] done in Aunt Grace feedsack prints.. in all this marvelous springy colors! Someday I'll finish it!

Another bunny card I won on ebay .. Move his head and a chick pops out and bunny moves his eyes..

Had to win this cardboard rabbit and I did! I will have a scan of her in a day or two .. for your Easter crafting.. Also this neat Chick postcard..!

More pics of those cute chicks!!

Yep! I won another bunny baby in a mohair egg..this has a nice rumble bell sound when shook. and a bunch of embossed holiday cards..

and finally 2 thick cardboard pull toys in their original boxes.. well, I had to punch out and assemble! Too bad there wasn't a rabbit.. but still very nice.. from 1943..
The snow is going fast here.. sunny days and MUD...Getting all my project finished up here as will be gone all of April and first week of May..I will be staying with my daughter and her family for Easter and grandson's birthday!! Friday and Saturday will be the last days I will post stuff on Etsy till I come back home...Will leave April 2nd..

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