Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last Call for Bunny Swap Pictures!

Need I say more?? my feet with crocs on a bunny rug..Been a looong day... so off to bed..

This is the last call for your Bunny Swap Pictures, Monday July 1st, I want to have a 'slide show' posted of all the Bunnies 'given' in the swap so send me your pictures to my email.. I made this little collage from a digi Kit called "Rabbits" by Kathryn Balint at She has many cute vintge looking kits..

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Glitter & Grunge/ Sneak peek..

I recently took a Color Survey, I was told I need to add more 'Purple' into my life to help me be More Focused and have Balance in my life..okay doaky.. so did this digi collage from a kit "Memorabilia" from added a Enchanted Mercantile photo http://www.enchantedmercantile.comand did my blog in what was I suppose to do ?? oh yeah..'Be focused'..and I can balance a coffee cup and work a mouse at the same time..or something like that..ooommmm...............

Sunday ,July 1st , 'Glitter and Grunge' will have a' New Look'.. Missy has been hard at work giving the site a fresh hip look ,so make sure to go visit and here is a sneak peek at one of the pieces I will be offering for sale .. A Chic Chick in a paper Crown, inspired by HollyDoodles recent 'Crown & Tiara Swap'.. it was so fun that I had to make some mini crowns for some of my critters..more coming soon to my website

Show & Tell Thursday~Swap & Projects..

Today my Daughter and her family are on their way to France to spend a month with her husband's French granny and enjoy the beautiful Brittany coast..Happy travels.. sweetie and good memories and remember to get that Grandma's fabul-ish 'Crepe Recipe'!! ha!

Hello, back at my computer on this beautiful but chilly day..can you believe the radio said 'chances of FROST tomorrow'?! Whatever!! Better than sweating and feeling like a wet noodle ... Anyways, here is a banner I made from leftover kitchen wallpaper, stamps & rub-ons, it hangs on the kitchen pantry over a convex mirror. The paper doll was inspired by Sandy Everson.

Oh, had a good 'mail box' haul again yesterday!! I got my Chocolate Cros ...and loved sooo much went and bought some Funky 'tie-dyed clogs' to go with my paint spattered overalls..a little bird told me to do it!

Now for my digi fashion show.. {with help from my sweet slightly plump china head} I saw these cool Collage t-shirts on ebay This one is a' deconstructed fabric' with bright colors 3/4 sleeves.. you can find a variety of labels, look under these names> skinnie minnie, vanilla sugar, jess and jane, cactus fashion, gypsy daisy, glima, chaurdy, jamee j..these companies have many colors and a variety of themes to pick from..

I like this one in the chocolate theme ..goes with my Chocolate Crocs! like the flowers too..

A sweet little treat came from Karla 'My Match box Swap partner!..

I love the fabulous art work, she painted 'teeny tiny rabbits and roses ' on the box and filled with treats..bunny buttons, a gold rabbit pin, plus some pretty paper scraps {I started a collage last night with them} tied up in a red silk ribbon with her pretty, pretty 'biz card'.. last night I glued a pin back to the "Matchbox" added a picture of my grand kids inside, to wear to a 'Family Reunion ' next weekend!!!

Karla has better pictures of the box and treats on her site, close-ups.. Go visit she has great stuff to oogle at!

Also bought this neat digi frame on came in a kit called 'Memorabilia'.

Hey, wasn't going to do pictures of the 'Rabbits' for the 'Bunny Swap' til July 1st.. but this one is for Me.. so... A dainty faced 'Bunny Box' complete with pastel taffy treats! From Jackie> Thank you... hugs, Jackie..

The little guy made me smile and the candy was yummy too! I glittered up her bunny { no peeks..} last night and she is on her way to Jackie's house!! This pretty frame and rose scrap came from the 'Memorabilia Kit'. last package was...Amazon
they sent some of my books { the Tiara book won't come til August!} too bad was after the Swaps... as some good ideas that could have used for the different swaps...and the rose scraps and zigzag frame, yep..the 'Memorabilia Kit'.. .. the site has many really cool 'vintage scrape type collage kits' with lovely papers.. and glitter next purchase!! All easy instant downloads!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mail Box Treats!

Oh , I received Goodies Today!! Bought a CD and sheet of Rubber Stamps from 'Divas Deste' and received a lovely packet with a 'free sheet of ladies', 2 beautiful biz cards that could be almost worn as pins..hmmm..

and a nice note..yes ladies, I will be back to shop there!! the cd is a pretty pink presentation...classy...

My new Crown goes perfect with my Chocolate Bunnies and orange poppies!! Isn't it the prettiest Fall Crown!? Amanda, I may have to have you do another from me..hehe

Usually Monday is a 'Blah' day for the mail, But not TODAY! Received my' First Ever Swap' from Amanda of HodgePodge and just love it!

Really my Colors!! Oranges, reds, greens, chocolate,cream and the golds with a coppery brown glitter trimmed sepia fairy & Moonface! The ribbons are lovely!!

My sister and I are planning a ' Halloween Open House Sale' in Oct. and I 'have to wear' this Crown!! Thank you very much Amanda ..and the Fairy and the Moon are perfect!! My gourd head JOL doll is now modeling for me.. as I'm in my painting clothes & a wreck when I'm working! Ha!

P.S. Now Finishing up and boxing my Swaps.. to go out in the mail later this week to my other 'Swap Partners' & You know Who You Are!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chocolate Cros & Ct Call

Sample 1. Well, as usual I got carried away again!! [ the background paper was a freebie from Scrap Girls, Postcards from the photo is Enchanted Merchantile and the Free Download kit, is from Bonnie's blog . She is having a CT Call Contest and you must make LO [layouts] from the kits and you can add some of your own stuff is her link for more info her site is named 'Scrapping Til the Cows Come Home'.

Sample 2. Used vintage photo from my 'Enchanted Merchantile' file, & the tape is from frame is Designer Digitals, and pink rickrack from Picture it.

Sample 3. I used all items from the Kit, but the 'bird' thats a' free clipart piece' from Miss Mary then I altered the whole picture in my Picture it program. Background was a old book page. Think I'm still in a pink mode...

Sample 4 is all the kit, but the photo, frame and staple. Same sources as Samples 1 & 2.

Saple 5. The last really!! I have to stop.. Butterfly, tag and scroll overlay are from Miss Peppermint Creative other pieces are the kit. Well ,it was fun to try out.. as never did a CT Call before ..Bonnie I hope you like! Thank you for letting me play with your kit!!

Goodie, goodie..Won some 'Brand New Chocolate Crocs' on 'ebay' ... my all time favorite shoes are mary janes and clogs!! So seemed like the perfect combination to wear.. I went to the website and read about seemed too good to pass up! Anyone out there wear Crocs?? So many cute colors ..if they are as nice as promised want some more colors! They even had a Pink camo pair!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Collage Projects and Update on Bunny Swap..

oOh.. here's my Collage Swap piece... almost done.. going to add a mixed glass beaded hanger to the top and then off to Calif. this will go.. {Hope she likes it} .. there is a special square just for her..

oOh.. was a late night!! but enjoyed myself and several cups of coffee later... finished my "Bits & Pieces Swap" for my partner Joy { so hope she doesn't peek..heehee} I did everything on her 'wish' list but peeling paint!!..sorry.. and started playing with my old photos had finally painted on one.. I altered a baby boy photo.. Now a 'Bunny Boy' yellows, teals, pinks and was happy with ...did a glaze so think he will end up sewn a paper pendant..

Well, many of you girls should have bunnies in the works or if you really are good 'Done' with your!! I'm still working...

Sometime in the next day or 2.. I will set up a slide show on Flickr of all the Bunnies..but will not add to the site till after the deadline of the send me your pictures and get those Bunnies done! Went last night to Holly Doodle Designs blog and looked at the 'Crown & Tiara Swap' pictures and Wowsie!! So many pretties!! That was really a 'fun theme' to do and looked liked everyone enjoyed the project.. Eye Candy for sure!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blog Banner..

Thinking up New Designs for Website and up coming Shows...Yawn! already my brain is tired!!

Another blog banner,using yellow, teal and far my new fav..

Hello, could not resist !! I did another blog banner, using a picture from 'Enchanted Mercantile',a scrapgirls overlay.. and digi bird stamps from Jen Wilson, and 2 of my own postcards..thats all for today!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday's Summer Rain

My best ever Snuggle Pal and me on the Lake... and the Vine thats taking over the house!

Father's Day and we had much needed Rain! Made a Pot roast for hubby's dinner then he went fishing after work..and a custard base Rice Apple Raisin pudding in the oven for dessert.. Did my first painted/altered on 'photo'.. almost felt wrong, but once I dove in was very happy with the results... will post when it's dry and once I figure what to do with it.. Since I missed the 'Fairy in a Jar Swap', I scanned a old postcard photo from my new download, from 'Enchanted Mercantile' ... flipped it so same picture printed on both fairly large 8''tall.... and tried to do photos today, but too dark & altered some pictures in my photo files.. our crazy Virginia creeper which has taken over the house & garage! A color photo of me and my dear husband ,was color but turned it black & white added overlays..they are from . Loaded up my drying cabinet with papier mache pieces, some are my Bunny Swaps..The fresh rain and the smell of baking apples is de-lish...Hope all Daddies had a good day..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Busy Day.. Now I Can Play..

Here is the new title page header I just made! what do you think?

A photo straight out of the file, What a sweet girl in her baby blue bonnet & dress!

This girl is so pretty in Pink & Milk chocolate!! Gonna have to make a card!

Done for the day in my workroom and even caught up on laundry... so peeked at ebay as my after dinner treat..then.. bought a download of fabulous pictures from 'Enchanted Mercantile' my second purchase from them and TOTALLY LOVE the quality and variety of pictures!! Will have to buy some more of their CD's !!

Here are a few samples, that I did a quickie play with.. and yet made myself 'Another' tile header which I will add in a day or 2.. I love making those header for the page tops!! Any one brave enough or game for me to try one for them?! anyways..just popped in to see if any visitors.. oh yeah got my 'Matchbox partner' this morning what a coool lady!! added her blog to my list..Karla's Cottage... go check it out!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

just another hot day..

Here's my furry man cat, he was not in the mood to pose today...

This is a Doll I made from Beeswax over 20 years ago! Raw wool hair, painted eyes, stiffened cheesecloth dress vintage velvet & silk flowers..Her arms & legs are wax with a cloth body. 18"tall.

Some of my German dolls and 3 old papier mache dolls.

A view inside the doll cabinet and still have dolls waiting to be dressed!

Cleaned up my work space ready to make a 'new' mess.. as a growing list of projects to get done over the weekend..

Mailed out my 'Crown Swap' today to my partner Amanda..

Took theses pictures to practice with lighting...then added some more new blogs to my list..soooo many great reads and treats to dazzle the mind and please the eyes!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crown & Tiara Swap Project Pics

Whoo, too hot for me outside today... sooo while Dh was off fishing on his days off..I played N played...made a big mess all over my dining table, but finally done with 3 Paper Crowns, [2 more in the works] tidied up and even did alittle modeling!!

My Swap partner told me she loves, glitter, pink, brown & lime green and silver... so did my best! Even added messages on the insides....then my new 'Somerset Studio' came in the mail ... and that means time for a break ! Enjoying a tall ice tea ...and enough of being crafty today!! I will start bunnies tomorrow for my Bunny Swap partners, plus maybe even work on pieces for my website and upcoming Art Show!!

Added the cool glitter swirls from taped photo frames from

Jenny's 'Bits & Pieces' Swap

' Jenny's Swap' go to her blog for more info..

One of my favorite Bunny cards..

These girls need some Tiaras!

Be patient.. it won't be out til August! argh!!

Here, I am jumping into another Swap!! but is too interesting of a challenge not too! May have to do a couple of these ...It is a 9x12 canvas made into a grid of 12 squares , sort of a patchwork of cool stuff, mixed media...

and tried out another Title Page Header.. not sure I like it.. will change it in a day or 2!! went and bought some neat digi stuff at: so will be my late night project!

Almost ready to do pictures before I mail out of the 'Tiara/Crown Swap', had too much fun ..I made 4, even a bunny crown.. and don't ask why..I dunno, just wanted to play....and went to Amazon to buy this cool book of 'Tiaras& Crowns' to make and Dang! [ read about on Pam Garrison blog, her crown is the cover] It won't be out til August!! Will do pictures of projects tomorrow and some bunny bookcovers from my stay tuned......

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bunny Swap List 2007

Nicol Sayre Reproduction

Papier Mache nodder by me.

Hello..can't stop yawning here here is the official list for the 'Bunny Swap'..Hopefully I left no one out and that all are happy with their partners! Here are the names of our Bunny Babes as they were pucked from the bowl : Eydie & Melissa, Colleen & Shelly, Barbara & Sarah, Dawn & Jill, Missy & Liz, Delila & Dolly, Dottie & Jackie,Jenny & Lori, Genevieve & Sharolyn, Michelle & Cathy, Kitty & Susan, Genny Rose & Bethany, Tammy & Deena, Cheryl & Jamie, Phillane &Toni, Jullie & Heather, Doe & Julie, Suzan & Lana, Mica & Debra, Jenny & Debra.

Monday.. well I just gained another Bunny partner..naughty me managed to miss another Michele with one L! Sorry !! Really!! I have my work cut out for me!! Ok I guess it's going to be pink, pretty, vintage shabby chic Bunnies, with a twist, on my to do list!! I'll start work on Wed. but first need to finish Tiaras/Crowns today..

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