Monday, June 11, 2007

Bunny Swap List 2007

Nicol Sayre Reproduction

Papier Mache nodder by me.

Hello..can't stop yawning here here is the official list for the 'Bunny Swap'..Hopefully I left no one out and that all are happy with their partners! Here are the names of our Bunny Babes as they were pucked from the bowl : Eydie & Melissa, Colleen & Shelly, Barbara & Sarah, Dawn & Jill, Missy & Liz, Delila & Dolly, Dottie & Jackie,Jenny & Lori, Genevieve & Sharolyn, Michelle & Cathy, Kitty & Susan, Genny Rose & Bethany, Tammy & Deena, Cheryl & Jamie, Phillane &Toni, Jullie & Heather, Doe & Julie, Suzan & Lana, Mica & Debra, Jenny & Debra.

Monday.. well I just gained another Bunny partner..naughty me managed to miss another Michele with one L! Sorry !! Really!! I have my work cut out for me!! Ok I guess it's going to be pink, pretty, vintage shabby chic Bunnies, with a twist, on my to do list!! I'll start work on Wed. but first need to finish Tiaras/Crowns today..


Mica said...
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Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Good morning Debra...thank you so much for putting this swap together and all the work you put into it. I am very pleased with my partner and cant wait to send her my swap!

Lori said...

love the new blog look AGAIN!! very excited about bunny swap and my wonderful partner, thanks for organizing!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Debra, I was just wondering, as this is my first swap ever, I was supposed to contact my partner, right? I have but haven't heard back, but she may be on vacation or something...does she have a blog? Thanks so much and starting on my bunny!! xxoo, Dawn

Daisy said...

Dearest "Bunny Lady", Thank you for your hard work and all just to give us some fun...YOU are a Proper little star. My swap partner seems so nice and it's been fun introducing the next bit of fun, making something realy special. Thank you.xx
P.S. You've done it again, just when I think that you have created the ultimate coolest make it even cooler!!

Dottie Lou's said...

I think I might have got two swap partners I'm Sarah and my blog is Dottielou's...It's all me :) Sooooo I don't know what to do? I've had some unexpected things going on with my daughter and under any other circumstances I would LOVE to make bunnies for both of them,but I will def. not have time :( as I have to go out of town , I'll email you :)

Doe said...

I'm in the same boat as Dawn. I e-mailed my swappy partner and I haven't heard from her. I would like to know if you have additional info on her like her blog site. thanks! Maybe Dawn can be my partner. tee-hee! Just a friendly suggestion.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello Doe and Dawn if you want to get together that would be great! i will try to contact your partners to see whats up and email you..

Kitty Forseth said...

Hi Debra!

I am buried at the moment.. helping to organize the fund raising auction for our dear friend Iva who just last week lost her beautiful 17 year old daughter, Brianna.

I will have my bunny out sometime soon.. but please, please forgive me Susan if he's a little behind schedule. I am already asking ESC for a slight extension, so that I may help my friend.

Thank you so much for including me in your bunny swap, I am a bunny lass!!

xo Kitty

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