Monday, June 25, 2007

Mail Box Treats!

Oh , I received Goodies Today!! Bought a CD and sheet of Rubber Stamps from 'Divas Deste' and received a lovely packet with a 'free sheet of ladies', 2 beautiful biz cards that could be almost worn as pins..hmmm..

and a nice note..yes ladies, I will be back to shop there!! the cd is a pretty pink presentation...classy...

My new Crown goes perfect with my Chocolate Bunnies and orange poppies!! Isn't it the prettiest Fall Crown!? Amanda, I may have to have you do another from me..hehe

Usually Monday is a 'Blah' day for the mail, But not TODAY! Received my' First Ever Swap' from Amanda of HodgePodge and just love it!

Really my Colors!! Oranges, reds, greens, chocolate,cream and the golds with a coppery brown glitter trimmed sepia fairy & Moonface! The ribbons are lovely!!

My sister and I are planning a ' Halloween Open House Sale' in Oct. and I 'have to wear' this Crown!! Thank you very much Amanda ..and the Fairy and the Moon are perfect!! My gourd head JOL doll is now modeling for me.. as I'm in my painting clothes & a wreck when I'm working! Ha!

P.S. Now Finishing up and boxing my Swaps.. to go out in the mail later this week to my other 'Swap Partners' & You know Who You Are!!


Lori said...

i love that crown!!! what a wonderful job your partner did!!!

Suzan-- said...

Gorgeous crown!! Love the moon face! It'll be fun to wear it around Halloween!!

I got my bunny swap ready to send out, and thought you might like to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your site through Karla. She mentioned you when I mentioned bunnies as one of my favorites on my site. I can't wait to see the posts from your bunny swap, sorry I missed that. Anyway it will be fun to see all the creativity!

Kitty Forseth said...

Hi Debra!

No, definitely NOT too late to sign up for the auction! I am so sorry I thought somene had told you about it :(. Just send an email to stating that you want to participate. I am working on the blog today that will host the auction in roughly 2 weeks. We're asking people to have their pics and descriptions to us by July 5th.

Thank you!!


Die Hohe Dame said...

hey im ready to send you your goodies... but you never sent me your address!

katydiddy said...

I love a good mail day. One of two things happen everyday at 3pm when I go get the mail...I either: 1] Skip back from the mailbox, clutching packages & art goodies or, 2] Slowly slink back with arms loaded with junk mail & bills. At least I can use the junk mail in my gluebooks! Here's hoping all your days are good mail days!

ZanyMayd said...

Hi Debra....

That Crown is perfect for You....
I always have to check in with you to see what you have changed around.... if you get a chance, stop by, I have my very 1st Give Away going on right now.

kris hurst said...

OMG I almost fainted when I came across your blog-I loved your art on one of the folk art sites (years ago) and I'm so thrilled to find your blog- You have an incredible way with graphics- wish you could do some downloadable kits with your vintage elements- do you use photoshop? Most colorful blog out there!-Kris

kris hurst said...

I just found me on your links list-Blissfull elements-now i am going to faint! Love your site-

Daisy said...

Wow Bunny Lady, That crown is just the busines. I couldnt wait for haloween to wear it....I'd want it now!!
Now that I'm slowly learnin at bit about the 'putor I'm looking forward to having at try at some of the scrapbook art I see on all you clever sites. Any tips on places to find superb vintage images (Bunnies especially?) xxx

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