Monday, August 10, 2009

A Girl and Her Kitty

Gee, I think I over did it.. but have lots of pictures of girls and kitties so here are just a few!!

This is a favorite and looks like my kitty Rufus..

After looking at all my postcards I suspect that they used the same 'cat models' in lots of the postcards.
See if you can pick them out..
What can be better hanging out with mom and your kitty?

A cutie found on ebay ..

Oh, to be young skinny and tan..again..yep, that's me and my best pal in Calif. and I still miss him.. many cats later... I was goofing with my digi paint box and gave kitty some silly eyes..suppose to animate but aren't doing it now..hmmm

This is another favorite...
a pretty lady and kitty with a big silk bow...

Had to include a couple of Halloween girls and kitties,will do a whole theme next month of 'Witches and Kitties' so keep watching.

These were my favorite play pals, kitties and my mom took away my crayons, paints,playdoh and scissors.. made too much mischief with those things! Ha!

My life has always included cats..and lucky that my husband also is a cat person too..I do collect cat postcards and Halloween black cats.. but that's really it in the cat collecting department..Two 'real kitties' are our limit and the best companions we could hope for...just wish they wouldn't hide when the grandkids come over!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Few Changes Here..

Look at all those lovely Halloween colors..

A few teasers for you .. IAbsolutely love Fancy Fat Goldfish and Kitties too..

[ Iwill share some vintage 'girls and their kitties' on Sat.]
A lovely Goldfish jewelry box...

Vintage Goldfish pictures..
Old french postcard..maybe she's looking for goldfish..
A fat goldfish in hand...
Been gone from my blog and website and everything lately... since my mom passed away in June. So a few changes will happen in the coming weeks.. I have started getting back into the swing of things now, as just needed some time ...Been working on samples for '2010 for Bethany Lowe' and everything Halloween for upcoming 'Ghoultide Gathering' in October... Started up a store on 'ESTY' so will annouce here on my blog and will be dropping my website in Sept. as just cannot keep up with anymore. So new Halloween pieces will be on 'my etsy' next from here on it's 'Halloween on the Brain!'

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