Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool & Easter ..

April Fools..hope you don't get any Worms..[computer bugs ]

I am packed and ready to leaving in the morning for a month long visit with my daughter so leaving you with a variety of Easter images.. Happy Easter!!!

Hooray for the EGG!

Time for a Bunny Back Rub..

Try these on your Colored Eggs..

Bunnies and Beef..Bunnies and Ham.. hmmm... how odd..

Will try to post while down at my daughters' house..Will be back in May!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mermaids of the Lake Giveaway!

If you Crave a variety of 'Chocolate' and would like to enter a sweet and tasty contest.. for details go visit 'Mermaids of the Lake' http://www.mermaidsofthelake.typepad.com

and make sure to visit their online magazine ' Mermaids of the Lake' for some fun reading..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Digi Mermaids ATC Cards

I made up some digital collage ATC cards for a swap in April for Yahoo Group' Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls', also did matching paper dolls to go with ..but forgot to include..anyways.. The Sexy,the Cute, and the Serene Mermaids[4 versions]..

Which image do you like best?? Is a toss to me for the Kewpie Mermaid or the Mermaid caught in the beads..

Calamity Kim Giveaway!

'Calamity Kim' http://www.calamitykim.typepad.com/ is having a Giveaway April 1st..No foolin'!! She has one of the best blogs around..truly! the lady must never sleep! A sewing wiz and paperdoll maker to boot! Plus many other talents to long to list.. so just go check out her blog yourself!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm in a Mushroom Mood..

Went looking on ETSY http://www.etsy.com/ and found alot of very nice mushroom items for sale..

Wonderful and whimsical etsy artist to buy from...

Well ,then I went looking on FLICKR http://www.flickr.com/and found amazing mushroom pictures.. that were quite yummy..

Sweet mushroom candy and funny little mushroom dolls by Annie Oak Leaves..

Just about every holiday has used mushrooms on their holiday postcards and greeting..but could not find any in Thanksgiving..weird ,huh?! but I'm sure there are Thanksgiving postcards somewhere with them ... oh ,none for the 4th of July..but maybe...

Retro salt n pepper shakers..

Even found this neat mushroom can on ebay..but too pricey for me!

Unusual postcard ,I have 3 but cannot find the others..will post another time..

Mushrooms are a favorite to eat at our house... and a artist visual treat too.. in so many forms and just about all all the seasons..went on 'ebay, flickr and etsy' plus looked thru my own old paper and postcards ..have alot more postcards to share but this was enough for now...so show me your mushrooms!...hmm.. might have to do a stir fry today pork n mushrooms with broccoli

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