Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sharing Swaps and Snowed in with a Bug..

Even thou its after the fact.. here are my 'Valentine Swaps' to share and again THANK YOU, to all the girls and they were a great spark to this old heart!

Freebies for you to use..

Thank you Terri ,so many red pretties...we gobbled up the chocolates and enjoyed the tiny trinkets! Such a pretty pink brooch!

' Sandy in Canada' you sent me no address and you know who you are.. email me..your treat is ready to mail!

Mary Ann...just love the big heart in its loverly matching bag, and all your dainty treats!

Susie, this was too delightful and fun the 'paper bag book' with kitchy Valentines !! and the 'Rabbit card'..well, gotta frame that!

A Pinky star, thank you, Ann Marie.. sent you some Pink Valentines and Christmas..

Vivian you are a sweetie with mischief.. for sure..love the papers and treats!

This 'Mary Shadowbox' will hang up year round in the guest room!

OMG! I laughed till I was giddy ..well, I was coming down with a bug.. so it was truly thoughtful and soo darn fun..poor Gerard if he only knew how we abuse him! Ha! Love em!!

Snow.. snow.. and more snow..but hey its winter, and we have lots of firewood..Well, its offical ...I have pneumonia and a ear infection....but the Dr. loaded me up with medicine and we have lot of cranberry juice, herbal tea and raspberry swirl sherbet, and a subscription to NETFLIX! The good news is I lost 7 lbs!..Anyways ..Thank you all for the Swaps and have sent out most only a couple left to do..Right now I have been slow getting projects and packages mailed..so just doing a day at a time....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gerard Butler Love you till the end by the Pogues

A belated 'HAPPY VALENTINES'..Hope you will get to see this sweet little movie..so glad I got to share the experience with my daughter..a feel good movie with my fav 'other man'..but my heart and love belongs to my dearest of a husband..xxx..enjoy the clip!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Back Home and Catching up!!

Drinking lots of hot tea..

Pretty Valentine eye candy for the tree..

Happy to be home and lazy with the kitties..

Bleeding hearts........a favorite flower..

Such a nice surprise to read all the Sweet comments by all and 'Thank you' for the kind thoughts..My month at my daughters was up and down ..the Up's was spending time and playing with the kids and being with my daughter.[ we even managed to go see P.S. I LOVE YOU, with Gerard.. man, oh man ,what a man! oh yeah enjoyed the movie too !] the Down was being 'Sick!' My daughter's computer had crashed while there and so No computer..then every germ in sneezing distance found me and had a feast the first 2 weeks while there! Anyways, I got use to being sick and still enjoyed myself ..Brought a grocery bag full of craft projects to do and never touched anything..just no time or too tired ..When my husband came to get me ,we left earlier than planned to beat the coming Snow Storm ,which closed the 'Mackinac Bridge' and highway...we hit the storm half way home but made here in one piece..frazzled.. but home!

I even managed tobring.. home alittle surprise... a 'New Flu Bug!!' so been out of commission here the past few days..nasty coughing and aches and did something to my ear..well lots of surprises to share with the Dr. on Monday.. well, enough gross stuff!!

I was amazed at the mountain of mail my husband piled up for me..my Swaps!! THANKS ALL The Ladies , I Have Not FORGotten You! My favorite ,which not sure if it was the card or the fever!? was from VIVAN .. I giggled and was just totally giddy... 2 Gerard Butler Valentines! I did take pictures then dropped into my bed..will post pictures in a day or 2.. OMG!! the Swaps were such a uplift to my spirits and you will all receive your Swaps, next week as started working stuff now and over the weekend !! Time for some medication and off to bed!!

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