Monday, August 30, 2010

Etsy Treat and Working!

Bought this cute little stacked pumpkins on Etsy.. Going to add to a necklace chain.. She has some really sweet little pieces .. 'Indigo Twin' ..

Paper Clay gang really to start painting this evening..

Papier Mache in different stages....

Been awhile since I was here been busy getting ready for upcoming Halloween Show 'Ghoultide Gathering' Oct. 2 ... Besides working in Papier Mache been playing with a couple of pkgs. of Paper Clay and dyed some mohair for some Halloween mixed media critters..had alot of emails requesting Halloween and I promise to have New items added to my Etsy Store> Sat. Sept. 4th!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I got published in the Fall issue of 'Studios' magazine! Thank you 'Cloth Paper Scissors' and Scott Smith! A lucky bunch of 'Ghoultide Gathering' artists give a peek at their workspaces...'William Bezek, Johanna Parker, Shelia Bentley, Vergie Lightfoot, Ed Pribyl, Scott Smith and me'! [See my side bar for ordering magazine and links to the other artist.] Plus a special article about the delightful 'Lori Ann Coralis', her studio and perfectly wonderful furry critters.. also 'Dani Nelson' Halloween collector and artist of 'Spook Times Jingles' . A lovely magazine with alot of inspiring reads.

OMG! Still amazed to be in a magazine..We did our own photos and happy with the results so here are a few more pictures that you won't find in the magazine!

A close-up of one of my Chalkware Kewpies, I restored and dressed for Halloween..That's Scott Smith's nodder Kitty and my Pumpkin guy on block along with vintage goodies.

Here's a larger view at the table , I can watch TV or listen to Pandora, keep a eye on dinner in the oven and Sculpt..hows that for multi tasking!? A view of the other side of the table where the cats relax and look out the window...soon to be sliding glass doors into a new screened in porch. On the table is my tub of mache and Halloween stuff for upcoming Show.

A close-up of a glass case on the wall with more Scott Smith pieces and old tins.

Vintage paper Halloween hat and my Cinnamon mohair bear I made years ago.. holding his new Black Bunny buddy made by Lori Ann Coralis.
My work counter in the basement loaded with Halloween projects.

The hanging Pumpkin heads are for Sale now on Etsy.

Dolls and Books load up my sewing counter and bins of fabric.. I'm not usually known for my sewing but do ocassionally make time to sew... My first pieces I ever sold were Teddy Bears at a Street Fair, made from a old 1915 German Pattern I bought at a rummage sale for 50 cents!
I still use that pattern in different forms for mixed media pieces.

The rabbit heads will be Easter projects for next year.

I actually have 2 rooms in the basement..The big room is where I do all my painting, drying and storage. Hanging from the ceiling is all my plastic pumpkin buckets and a couple of kitties and skellys, old and new.

Painting counter and that ever needed storage of supplies!
Well, that's my little tour of my workspace and many of the pictured pieces will be for Sale at 'Ghoultide Gathering' Oct.2, in Northville Mich. and in my Etsy store next month ... now its back to work for me..

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