Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Daze

A couple banners I made up for my Etsy but cannot get the sizing right ..anyways...

Bought these neat little digi kits on just love the glitter sprinkles.. and very neat border kit used on my Feb banner..

Some papier mache pieces from the past.....

Slightly altered postcards..

This heart head girl is now wearing her 'vintage rayon aqua ribbon 'which I forgot to put on her for her etsy photo!

Old Ted and heart ornaments for Valentine tree.. my new old doll bought on ebay,her body is leather filled with cork and needs major repairs..cleared up her 'perfect condition' Heubach head and hands just needs a nice mohair wig.. she will be a 18-20'' tall doll when finished. Think I will dress her ,using a old vintage petticoat for Easter she will come back in April ..all dressed up..

Hello! after a brief winter break..Been busy cleaning my workroom and working on Papier mache[for Bethany Lowe and Etsy] at my kitchen table as been too cold to be in the basement! Doing alot of baking too to keep warm [get those winter munchies]..keep telling myself I'll lose the extra weight in the summer.. Ha! Anyways, the past winters was always spent at my daughters.. but home this year so able to do Valentine /St. Pat / Easter and winter projects..will drag out the Valentine decorations/cards etc..this week and do up my Valentine tree..will post freebies for you of old Valentines all month..that's all for now..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flu Bug and ebay..

Still have that yucky 'flu bug'... so spending alot time in bed..

A new item bought on ebay, the embossed postcard with the little dog, no markings but think it maybe a Prang Co Christmas card / transferware plate.. Does anyone know anything
about this card ?? I am sure its from a series and want more!!
Bought this for me on ebay..A lucky find! Great graphics on box .. A big box with a set of papier mache figures ready to paint [even has the original paints ]!
So a project to do when feeling better..

Someone started to paint.. but will redo them in acrylics..
Pretty blue buttons ....

Have not left the house in over 2 weeks but husband gets the mail for me ..received several seed catalogs and magazines to look at...
Thinking up some Valentine projects for 'etsy'...

Vintage paperdolls for you to copy and play with.....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

The stockings were hung and filled with trinkets and polar bear poops..[yogurt covered almonds]

Santa hung on the wall watching who was good..and no so bad..

Time flew by with the grandkids..and was only a 'matter of time' that I caught their flu germs..3 days after they got here! Dang..

The glass ornaments were safe ... all snug in the cabinet!

Added a few new ones this year, trio of bluebirds, mushrooms, frosted cakes, plus a slice of pumpkin pie and a pink poodle!

Kept my little elf made by 'Kelly Cottrell' of 'Red Polka Dots' [from Vivan's Elf Swap] in a special spot..

Hung some big glass ornaments on the swag...

Some of my small trees and stuff...
Did not take out all my Christmas stuff this year as I had planned.. got sick and really no room to do much with 4 extra people in the house..but was still a good Christmas... we had family, food, snow and lots of silliness...

The night before Christmas...

Kept all the holiday lights on all night for the everything would be ready for that early morning surprise!
Pink 'Dora' and 'Sponge Bob' wrappings were a must this year..The green tub was filled with 'Fancy Nancy' dress-up clothes...

My son -in -law is behind the tree playing on the computer..[think he liked our computer niche..]
Since the kids are small we decorated the real tree in shatterproof ornaments..
At the end of the day when all the wrappings and toys were cleared away.. 'Baby Girl' nestled under the tree on the old quilt..

Happy New Years... oink!

Here are a few fun 'piggy cards' for the 'New Year'. Been down with a nasty flu so absent from doing anything much.. Snowing and blowing outside but snug here at home.. 'Good Wishes' to all this year...later..

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