Monday, March 28, 2011

Bunnies and Chicks

Finished up some of my Easter pieces for Etsy and will post for Sale on Friday.. still working on several custom orders that should be done by end of the month... so here is a peek at some' Chicks and Bunnies' and other critters..

Did a crepe paper ornament with a old photo of me and my bunny.. I remember those neat shoes, red leather with double straps.. I liked wearing them even though they were too tight.. Advertising thread, 2 colorful paper dolls that look pretty with the red transferware..

Old and new Easter things...

Received in the mail, a few Mummy wrapped dolls and old bits to fix up..
Dolly Dingles for Easter..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Early Easter from Bethany

Received a treat a week ago was my '2011 Easter pieces from Bethany Lowe Design Co.' and was very happy with the collection! {I receive 2 pieces of each design they make from my originals].

This is my most favorite piece of all! The did a great job..the Original and the Reproduction, she has the gold tag on ankle.

Here are a few other pieces made by the Bethany Lowe Co. The bunny with egg is another of my most favorites [these are my keepers!.. but you can buy at ]

While digging around my workroom I found some reproduction ceramic heads I had bought a few years ago.. so played around and did some painting, while waiting on my papier mache to cure.. I did a crackle with a dark brown antique finish.. think it might be too dark.. but still not bad, I will be selling all 3 dolls on Etsy next month so if interested contact me..also will have Easter and Spring things for Sale March 11th and the 18th.. so
I need to get back to work!
Will be doing her up for St. Patty in a green print..

This Bonnet head was just glazed in a tan paint..and happy with results she will be dressed for July 4th..

Had 2 heads of this plump girl and dummy me!! I dropped the red head on the basement floor! Here is the blonde but not happy with the antique medium was too dark and gave her a healthy tan, which she is not suppose to have should be rather pale , but guess its ok!

Another view of that cute bunny! He's now in 'my keeper collection'... ha!
My tin plates and a very old French plaster rabbit that I restored and has glass eyes.
Faux Chocolate rabbits and vintage brown transferware..
View from the kitchen window over the sink.. faux spring flowers in various iron stoneware and a real growing night blooming jasmine..poor thing just not enough light to keep her happy..
Been working upstairs lately rather than in my basement workroom..[too cold and lonely].. needed some cheering up.. so after receiveing my Easter package.. Dang! I just had to do up a Easter Tree!
In less than a hour I was ready to decorate.. a gold tinsel tree and a few glass ornaments, some old and new Bunnies from my stash to go with my Bethany Lowe pieces and ..tah dah! My Happy Easter table.. so now have something cheery to look up at while I sit at the table.. but will keep tweeking the look til Easter!

The Big Bunny and Chick are really neat and add a nice balance to the display..

Bethany Lowe took my bunny,chick and duck, shrunk them and did up these delightful cupcake ornaments!

Added another old papier mache doll head to my collection, she is almost mint condition.. too bad her body was missing.. gathered a few vintage German doll heads that will end up as bunny girls.. my ceramic head is on the end see how dark she came out from the stain..
Time to start playing with my favorite scissors and do up a few Easter paper ornaments!
The card in picture is not fringed that was just gathered I hand sew 2- 3 yards of crepe paper for each ornament.
A perfect and colorful vintage mechanical bunny card..

Sometime this month will do a St. Patty posting with alot of piggy postcards!

Two cuties in their caps!
Some silly dancing piggies around a scarey looking snow pig.. hmmm.. I love bacon..

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