Friday, November 30, 2007

I Been Tagged, Twice! and other Silliness..

Here is a freebie to copy , love this picture..

Here was my Matchbox Swap, with
Love panettone..My daughter gave us one for Thanksgiving and gone! Going to try and bake my own this month and also ordered my fruitcake online last night a first... so will be baking and eating this Christmas.. its gonna be a Holiday Carb Fest!

Free postcard to play with in honor of the' Stocking and Snowman Swaps.'. and a Postcard to 'Thank 'Calamity Kim the Pie group! Does anyone love mincemeat besides me?!

Well in Oct. I ordered this Kit from but have not had the time to try it yet..My plan 'was' to review it and make some Christmas presents...lovely little kit..will keep you posted in this new project..

Free Christmas postcard, blonde and fashionable ..

Well ,the month cannot be complete with out some yummy Eye Candy and calorie Free!

A pair of postcards from a series of sweet Christmas kids for you..

And now a weird advertising card for you..

Hmm...Well, been tagged a couple times, so guess I better play... Suppose to list '5 Random Things about me'. Then I tag 7 others, and they do the same. Guess that won't be hard...

1. Johnny Depp and me have the same birthday but, 9 years huh? [and the No. 9 is my lucky number.] 2. I love baking and reading cook books. 3. I tend to procrastinate..alot! 4. I love buying shoes,but hate my feet. 5. My husband and me do not exchange Christmas gifts, we just buy something for the house and I make him his favorite 'Lumber Jack Cookies'..

Now here is the list of 7 Ladies I have Tagged : 1.Vivian 2. Barbara 3. Bren 4. Susan 5.Cathy 6. Missy 7. Joy and added a bonus name: Valerie as want her to get to know everyone!


Mary Isabella said...

I really love mincemeat pie. Had one for Thanksgiving. Blessings Mary

Kari & Kijsa said...

How fun are all these postcards! Made us smile, sing, drool and swoon!!

kari & kijsa

barbara burkard said...

very very kool stuff! and thanks for the tag and the headsup about valerie!


vivian said...

Im HOme!! exhusted! Great trip! dont want to go to work tomorrow! Love your new banner! will follow through on being tagged with in the next couple days! I have got to avoid the computer and finish 17 more teddybears and a miniature horse before christmas!!!

Amy Wagner said...

Thanks for the Johnny Depp eye candy!!!! Do you think he would mind if we dropped by his house in France?

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Thanks for the tag..I will try to get to that the postcards, and will be using one for a little niece. Thanks. Susan

Dolly said...

Ouuuu Johnny Depp.... be still my heart!
Yummy Yum!!!! :-)

Love your new banner....too too cute!
Thanks for the freebies Deb! You are so thoughtful!

Enjoy your day,
Hugz, Dolly

She'sSewPretty said...

I love all of your old postcard images. And of course Gerard. Oh boy! I love mincemeat pie too but I can't remember the last piece I had. Maybe I'll make one this year.

Anonymous said...

Remember playing tag at recess, this time I never felt you touch me. LoL
Thanks for the tag. :) Bren

Donna O'Brien said...

I see we're on the same page!!! D.

calamitykim said...

love the pie girl and snowmen and oh, Johnny!

Pinkie Denise said...

Love all your vintage cards, they are
just great, thanks for sharing with us. Love coming to visit so much inspiring creativity! Denise

cindy said...

All this wonderful, NON-Fattening Eye it. LOL.
We watched all the cooking shows last night and Mario and Giada did the "Italian Christmas" and one of the things they did wss to make Panetone. It looked pretty amazing. You'll have to tell us if you have success. LOVE the new banner btw.

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