Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sewing Bug

A silly QUICKIE digi collAGE.

Well ,on another one of my 'Coffee breaks' so checking my e-mail and blog.. and waiting for the mailman...have packages for him to pick up..

Isn't this interesting ..a perfect cup o' coffee every time!

Last year I bought this 'BASKETCASE plaster Dolly' on eBay.. well ,she was cheap and had potential.. re-glued her and painted her up, added a fine crackle glaze and antiqued her.. and that was as far as I went..Then last night... the inspiration fairy said 'get to work girl'! I had to finish her and this is what I did so far..

Had to do another QUICKIE altered picture ,as this was kinda fuzzy.. so now I like it!

Well, she now is a Fuzzy coated Bunny Bebe, had some pale gold sparse mohair scraps, some pale pink ribbon [from the Easter Swap] that perfectly matches my pastel pink vintage crepe paper! Was up til 4 am sewing and finding all sorts of fun stuff ! Also.. semi-cleaning my work room in small doses..

Found her a papier mache lolllipop, think the base will be covered in Martha Stewart 'pink glitter', had silver but will change that.. so she is semi done.. Ha!

A side view she's a tubby, but so darn cute.. do I use that word way too much ??? 'CUTE'?!

I put that lovely aqua blue ribbon from the Easter swap to use on my Bunny Girl.. She is made by Bethany Lowe Co. of one of my designs.. They did a great job, but I wanted to play.. and I do have 2! so... This is the altered one.. the painting was perfect so all I did was change out the ruffle and added collard and ribbons and tiny hats from old paper.. she will be for 'SALE" signed and dated on my website.. http://www.hophopjingleboo.com/

I'm so happy and honored to with the Bethany Lowe Company..' All of their Collections' in the catalogs is so pretty and get more amazing with each new catalog!! http://www.bethanylowe.com/ Thank you Bethany!

Side view.. colors are great!

My cup runs over with a good life! just wanted to say that... and show off this pretty Sugar bowl.. I must have done something right in my past life..to feel so Blessed..

A belated St. Patricks Day.. will be weeks before we see any green!! Snowing here today...but thats ok ... a good day to turn on the oven and bake this afternoon! Yep I craft, sew and bake all at the same time..

Easter kitties for you...

Hop Hop Jingle and roll.............

hmmm... just love this card and this doll.........

Pretty pink cheeks...


Scarlett said...

As dark and cynical as I am, you have to use the word cute in regard to spring and easter. I think it is a law.

The doll is adorable, I am amazed at how you reloved her. And I love that bunny with the dress hoop. Never seen anything like that, but love it!

rochambeau said...

Hi Debra,
This post is happy and makes me feel that way. My fav is your bebe bunny. Like Spring, you brought her to life! I wish you and those you love a wonderful Easter!


ZanyMayd said...

I Love the way you Revamped that "Cute" Doll.... Such a Creative
idea.... But then I think All your work is!
Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring

Pinkie Denise said...

I love how your chalkware doll turned
out to be a sweet little bunny....and
she is just so darn cute! Pinkie

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