Monday, March 17, 2008

Monkey Butts and Easter Swaps ..

Blarney!! I totally forgot about St. Patricks Day..Sorry...

Well to totally change the subject and this is a long post too..... first of are my Sock Monkeys..the middle one is the original way to do a Sock Monkey way is on the right and really sits better too... Monkeys..for Easter...why not?!

Works in progress.. These are for the grandkids with matching 'Nick & Nora Sock Monkey ' bedding, plus treats..wanted to do something in a theme but alittle different... found some big egg bags to fill.. and should be fun! Yikes!!! gotta mail out tomorrow!!

Gosh know I 'had to' make a Sock Rabbit !!

Sock monkeys ,and a bunny piled up to sew...the little German shoulder head is going to be dressed in mohair.. as guess what!? A bunny boy, of coarse! I work on several things at once.. crazy... but it's how I work..

I am liking my 'Sock Bunny'!! Should I sell , keep, or give as a Easter gift??? dunno yet...

And.. finally another 'For Sale ' Rabbit I just added to my website..[SOLD] she's a skinny bunny cutie, done up in soft color palette and instead of my usual crepe paper collar did a fabric one..

Here's a close-up of her happy face..

Since I showed you my monkey butts!!! Here is another project a ' Altered Mohair Bear' will add lettering ,stitching and charms to his front.. will add to website as soon as he is done..

A Lady Rabbit with toile body... still waiting for her arms and legs! I will add a red net petticoat with black lace trim and a big ruffled collar and some word art to her hat..and maybe black spots to her head... hmmm... gotta think about...

These little bunnies are waiting for their limbs and trim... and are 'Sold'
the big bunny needs his legs..

A grouping of bunnies and chicks ,originals and 2 repros under my bunny rabbit lamp..the big bunny is on right now.. the last time I will be doing anything this big too hard to ship and store.. from now on all pieces for Sale, will be under 12'' tall..

Old colorful quilt and mainly old Chalkware Rabbits and a old Rabbit light.. Elaine Thomas 'original rabbit' from the Doll Swap is in the basket .

Yes! I was a Bad Bunny.. Be Fore Warned' I Opened All My Swaps' from the ' Easter Hippity Hop Swap' as soon as the box arrived!! So next few pictures are of the goodies I received..All were the sweetest little gifts.. Truly.. Thank you, Ladies in the Pink Group!! I even love all the biz cards and number tags!! I save everything!!

Wasn't sure if the Feather Fluff was a 'Wreath or Crown' but just love it! The Fabric picture was a heart throb and will be up year round from Jeanne.. Martha did a awesome bunny pin and a tiny hanging tag which I will turn into a necklace, Hannah had a pretty-pretty glass bird ornie and tiny nut shell w bunnies and a tiny cute button pin, Sparkling Pink crystal earrings from Karin, Holly with a fab shabby chic nest.. and as always Jenny did a 'wonderful cake picture' which I have already hanging..such a treasure...well dang !! just go to Heather Blums blog and look at the flickr file, everyone's photos are sooo much better than mine..and the coolest glass tube ornament all wrapped in lace and that cute little chickie hat box even has a hanger on the back the purple matches my mulberry transferware plate perfectly.. love it all..

The swap box as it looked when I opened the box! I even saved the de-lish wrappings for future projects and did I mention the 'Ribbons'! OMG! I love Rayon Ribbons!! Thanks Girls!!!

Look how sweet the wrappings! Better than Christmas!!

Another picture of the 'Fluffy Feather thingy' with vintage flowers 'in a peachy pink along with the ribbon it was wrapped with... modeled by a old composition rabbit head [her brother is in the tree picture ,he's gray] she is dressed in old doll bloomers and baby bunny fur slippers!

Well tried to show the bags ,boxes and treats from the Swap...oh yeah, that's my Egg girl reproduced by Bethany Lowe can see
see all my stuff on Yes, a shameless plug of my reproductions, they did a great job.. just wait til you see the New Halloween things!!

Received another swap in the mail today.. a dainty tree ornament..and more of the yummie ribbon!


martha brown said...

Your bunnies are adorable! I love the toile bodice one!
Yes, you were a bad girl for opening your Easter swaps, LOL! (since I'm in Canada -- I don't have my box yeat -- you are all torturing me!) said...

I think I would have opened all of the swaps at once too. What a fun package, and didn't you get in with a great crowd of swap partners on that one?

Congrats on the Bethany Lowe Bunny! Cool

jillian said...

Wow! I'm glad I stumbled across your blog! What great eye candy! Love the monkey butts, ha! Your papier mache figures are adorable. What a talent!!

Elaine Thomas said...

What lovely goodies!! Can't wait to see the Faux Chocolate Bar you told me about.


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