Thursday, September 18, 2008

Owl Crazy..

Yes I'm a bad ,bad girl, just did not finish my Project Runway paper Dress in time and was too pooped last night to finish.. So in its place a old print by Arthur Rackham , she looks like she has a newspaper dress..

When I started thinking about a swap a couple weeks ago ,I thought Owls would be fun... and maybe go buy a couple on ebay! Well, I 'm officially a Owl collector! I admit I already had a few but now I got even more! yep, this is mine, from ebay..

yeah ,got this awhile back on ebay!

This fantastic print I just got on ebay,but printed on canvas not paper,love the colors...

One of my cards..

This beauty I'm now watching on ebay..old inkwell and tray...

A potato chip display..watching on ebay..maybe it will be mine!

Yep, got it on ebay...bookmark trade card..

Wow! these are 3 wonderful owl faces from ebay in my watch list.. maybe I'll get lucky!

This is a old paper print of mine..great colors and design..

A cute little owl lamp..

A postcard..
I know ,I know he's not a Owl, but dang, he sure makes me HOOT! Wooof! I mean, hoot-hoot!

Just bought on ebay..neat old trade card..

Then went on Etsy.. and found these cool owl jewelry items..and was Amazed how much Owl stuff! Iwill show in my next posting what I bought and from Who! [get it?! ha ha..] ..

Glass eye earrings and glass fused owl necklace..

How about some over the top dramatic owl earrings?!

Some very old owl prints ..

Postcard again..
well, I didn't win this trade card so still on the hunt..


Sheri said...

Hi....for some reason I've really been getting into owls. They seem so mysterious. Thanks for sharing the photos!

fairychildheirlooms said...

just wanted you to know that I found some wonderful owls at ROSS today!

Jean said...

When I found your blog I thought I had died and went to heaven with all your vintage Halloween. My hubby and I have collected vintage and new halloween for years and years. We love it. We also collect other seasonal "stuff". I could just look and look at your photos. Your creations are wonderful too. Thank you so much for brightening my day with your collections. The owls are unbeleivable.
Have a spooky day,
Jean in Virginia

AwtemNymf said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love the owls! I am a fan of owls too! They're beautiful birds!
Have a great weekend! :O)

Designs by CK said...


Popping in to say hello and good luck with your up-coming shows!

Don't be a stranger and stop by and see me sometime. :)

Happy Hallowe'en Early!

PS: Loved the owl post.


Susan Hickam said...

I found your blog through another(don't remember the name right now) and I love it. You have such a treasure chest of wonderful images. Thanks for the info about the paper doll place. I also wanted to ask you about whether or not it would be okay if I used some of your images for college. I do not want to steal them and I will not use them if you do not wish me too. Please email me or visit my blog with your answer. or i can only guess how long it has taken you to aquire such images or how many CD's you may have purchased. I have only recognised one of them from somewhere else so far. What ever you decide i love your blog and will be back to see it in the future. I think your Paper mache is amazing-I want to hear more about it!

Kim said...


Love your blog and fun creations! I've been an owl lover myself, for many years now. Your collection is wonderful!

Cade said...

First of all: WOAH!! This is an awesome blog :D

Secondly, when I was younger my mother had a few owls as well. It wasn't as extraordinary or large as your collection probably is though.

I'm guessing the ebay auction for the potato chip owl has ended. I hope it's yours now!

I also hope you don't mind~ I like looking through blog archives and I may leave a few comments sprinkled through as I go.

Tammy said...

It looks like you found lots of goodies on etsy. The owl earrings with the blue beads are really pretty.The owl eyes are a bit spooky. Great for Halloween! I love the vintage Halloween Paostcards. Your bloglooks fantastic! The music is perfect.

I'm hosting my 100th Blog Post Giveaway. Come see me. ;D Tammy

Jenny S said...

I love you site and was also wonering if I might use a picture or two? I would also love to add you to my blog friends if you allow me to! Your blog is AWESOME! I found you through Vanilla Lavender! Please let me know!

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