Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Meteors and the Cabin

Our little cosy cabin, I love it ...but we still have lots of work to do to finish it..and hopefully many years of family together time will be spent here....

A view going down the river,eagles and geese were around us.. really! but no luck photographing them.. Looks even prettier when the fall colors are here will take pictures then..

My crocs taking in the view..

My dear husband on his air have to wear glasses and ear phones/earplugs as that is a airplane engine on the back! Wow! it is so fun to ride! I sit in the front ,a wind break for my husband, but the views are wonderful..

A romantic picture of a imagined Indian maiden, I think they now use her for a beer label..and faux flowers in a wall cone..

Screened porch on the cabin..I took this while sitting in my favorite swing chair, my brother Stu gave as a gift, Thank you Stu!!

A corner in the cabin.. we still need to do the ceilings and trim ,have lighting from Home Depot but still in boxes.. lots of stuff to do before the cabin is done..time and money..

Our bathroom project.. my husband is making a vanity of wild 'grapevine and birchbark' ,then the top will have a sink and 'faux deer antler and iron scones' as the lighting, the vintage chalkware heads were from a friend and the start of the theme for the bathroom, on the opposite walls I have a variety of old Indian ads and prints..hopefully next year the shower will go in!

Our bedroom, a pair of chalkware owls, on top of the jelly cupboard [storage for bed linens]. Will change out the vase, recently found a owl planter on ebay, so will redo next time we are there..

A peek of another corner,a big chalkware owl lamp and more cabin type collectibles, Pottery Barn denim bedding /curtains and added the red roses didn't want it too guyish! ha! Yes, another theme ,'owls and acorns' in our room even found a garland of acorns and beads, a Martha Stewart Christmas decoration, added as a swag over the curtains, wish I had bought more....I recently saw a giant owl print on canvas on ebay,think it was for oranges.. may have to get it would look cool over the bed..

The guest bedroom.. The corner cabinet is made of thick heavy barn boards to display squirrels, pinecones and deer, a vintage squirrel lamp and a awesome reproduced sign from Northwoods Trading Co. we have alot of their signs through out the cabin and in our home!! I totally love their signs and boxes ...

Well ,we went to the cabin to watch the metors on Sunday night..ho hum..seen a few but didn't stay up all night as was already cranking my neck as it was.. cleaning and rearranging the cabin while my husband went fishing.. then we went for a air boat ride...5 eagles dipped and swirled above us and even rode along for awhile but darn I just could not get a good picture of them..


Amy Wagner said...

So very cool!!!! I adore the cabin way of decorating. I have ever since we honeymooned in the U.P.
I haven't shown much of my Cabin decor and furniture at my house. I'll have to do that.
Thanks for sharing the views from your porch and the tour of your cabin.

Daisy said...

Oh Deb, I'm overwhelmed... to think that I know someone who has there own cabin. I'ts all just so very wonderful and so lucky that your dear Hubby loves all the "quirkies" as much as you do. I spend most of my time having to put things away in boxes in store 'cos Mr.C just hates everything I like and everything I make...guess I'd better get on with that little etsy shop and get selling!! Thank you so much for the cabin photos, I'm going to dream of them for nights. xxx

Flea Market Queen said...

I LOVE your cabin...what a nice little slice of Heaven!

Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

I don't think I could ever leave the cabin if it was mine, it is beautiful! Love the chalkware owls!! :)

gold said...

Beautiful cabin.I know its nice being there relaxing with family.

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