Sunday, August 5, 2007

At the Cabin..

Will my 'Tussie Mussie' partner email me , her info and wants as ready to do here..

Downloaded these cute doodle buttons and trims from the Freebie kit for August. This little girl looks how I felt by the end of the week! [minus the million bug bites I got!] argh! itch itch..

Hello, we got home last night been at the cabin since last Sunday July 29th.. the day after my show.. was my husband's vacation and he was eager to get to the cabin! I cleaned , changed all bedding, washed walls, floors everything thing with Murphy's oil soap... and rearranged furniture all the while getting bite by every insect in the and out of the cabin!! Replanted my perennials and a couple of shrubs by the deck.. and my dear husband edged the hosta and new beds with birch logs.. so cute and rustic..I could not figure out why some the plants were doing poorly... then I dug around found that the 'chipmunks' were tunneling under the rootballs of the plants! So crossed my fingers and hope new locations of plantings will be okay! Only went one night for a pontoon ride..and picked berries on Saturday...but been so dry.. the pickings were not so good but still we managed a big bowl of home now and will try to catch up on my emails and blog messages and get my Swaps mailed out this coming week!!


kimberly sherrod said...

Debra: Glad you had fun with nature (except for those bug bites!)
I am going to send you both! Will box em up and mail tomorrow! I have had so much fun making them! I did think that you were at a show or too busy- so I am so glad that you got home and picked! I am sending one to Amy to for being such a sweet hostess. Thanks in advance- I can't wait to see the mermaid! I'll be sure to post pictures! xxxooo calamity k

Flea Market Queen said...

Those berries are perfect...what a treat!
Your Material Girl & Grumpy Girl are fabulous...Love them!

red tin heart said...

That sounds like such fun. I have blackberries in the freezer that will become a cobbler when it gets a little cooler. Nita

Daisy said...

Ohh, now I want to see pictures of your cabin. Is it as lovley and "Arty" as your home? Is it made of wood? Ohhh I want to know!!
So glad that you had a swell time despite the "pesky insects".They always get me too.
Daisy xxx

Daisy said...

P.s By the way I,m keen to know more about "Glitter and Grunge" who should I e-mail.
Daisy xxx

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hi! Do you have a color preference for the vintage kitchen swap? Going shopping this weekend! Yippee!

Lori said...

Debra, i have a little question for you: have you ever used cellu clay for casting in a chocolate mold and if so, what did you prep the mold with...i would be ever so greatful for any words of wisdom :)

Die Hohe Dame said...

i love the material girl and grumpy girl....
i hopes ok .. i tagged you for a meme... you post 5 of your favorite old posts.

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