Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This N' That

Seven foot tall stack of old suitcases with some of my Halloween & Christmas collections all tucked inside, with tags..betcha would like to see it all the goodies?! maybe later..

Yummy, Yummy .. I just bought my copy of '300' I could dine on that man any day! ha! Oops! that sounded naughty.. oh well..with or on whatever... he's my favorite eye candy!!

Here's 'Calamity Kim's' Art Doll Hat, modeled by my goofy gourd doll. I still have a few more things to add. I distorted the picture, so in case she sees this , will still be a surprise..and more treats to go with, all in a seaside theme since she is a Florida gal!!

Ooh, finally figured where to hang my past swaps..can you spot them?? Still need to hang up Jennie's & Mica's pictures from the Bunny Swap..

Some old dolls, bought separately..years in fact.. but is the same doll, no marks 16''tall. I had them for ages! From my work room 'To Do Shelf'' [ there are 18 more dolls piled on that shelf..all need fixing!!].. I will be repairing these ..to get me started on moving those Dolls 'off ' that shelf....so here is the 'Before Picture' . I will pick off all the old paint, sand, glue and patch with paperclay, prime in gesso ..so will update that as I go..

A bunny postcard I did with my new HP paper and in a new old frame, just bought at the local St. Vinnies, was lucky and got 2 bags of goodies for my projects and even a few items for the cabin!

Yesterday I went to town and was at our local office supply store http://www.ontonagonherald.com/ and found out they had ink for printers ..yeah! Also tranparencies sold by the page, so bought a few to try ..they were out of matt photo paper, but had this glossy packet...hmmm...thought I will try it.. WOW! Totally love it!! Great weight to it and soo professional looking.. I have a HP PhotoSmart 1000 and was Super pleased with all the printing!! I am going to buy more of this.. and it cut out beautifully..usually I just use cardstock white.. [and will keep using that for my biz cards etc].. but this paper was a dream..


Dolly said...

Hi Debra I wanted to check with you and make sure you are far away from the awful fire that is buring up there!
Its just terrible seeing it on the news!

Love all the wonderful pictures...I have missed you while you were away!
Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

Hubby loved 300 too...{I did'nt watch it, not my kinda movie!}

I love all those suit cases...I have a few that I use for a table next to my favorite chair!

Glad you are back!
Hugz, Dolly

Malady said...

Can't wait to see your finished Art Doll Hat! It looks like it is going to be very special!!

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