Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Witching Hour and Drawing is Almost Here!

Here is a Lady Devil paper mask to use, I have a couple different others but will post another time..

Yikes! All my Halloweenie ideas went out the window! The kitties are so spooked by all the rattling from the weather they would not cooperate and take pictures...but managed to hold Rufus, then he zipped away to the bedroom and crawled under the down quilt! He's such a big baby with a soulful face..

This paper crown was my first Blog Swap,'Tiaras & Crowns',and was made by Amanda of HodgePodge . She has a etsy store :

My hubby was not enjoying this I got alittle silly and wore a wreath!

My big dramatic witch hat! Wearing what all country witches wear black and overalls!

Had more hats.. but hubby wanted dinner is a faux digi hat and bat..

To kill some time till the drawing... altered my photos as where just... Boring!! So how to make pictures of me interesting ??? Alter them.. hope you enjoyed and had a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Hubby was suppose pick names for me but.. he went off to bed a hour ago! My ,we Are dull !

Found this old owl in one of my book piles today so here is another freebie!


Natasha Burns said...

Love all the hats Debra! The wreath one is so fun!

Paul-ene said...

Love your altered pixs.....Happy Halloween!

PEA said...

Happy Halloween:-) I ran out of time to visit everyone at the Ball last night so I'm continuing to party this morning! hehe I so love your art, how wonderful it is! You have such a delightful collection of Halloween decorations, I truly enjoyed looking at everything:-) xo said...

I enjoyed the Halloween headwear fashion show, but have to chose the dramatic witch's hat as the 'crowing glory' of the bunch!

paru's_circle said...

2tweet 2whoo, cool owl, thanks for sharing!

Dolly said...

Oh Debra, I wish I was there!
I love playing dress Up... and you have the best crops!
Your witch hat with over alls has to be the best!
A country witchy poo! I love it!!

Hope you had a wonderful halloween over all!
I had fun visiting your blog!

Hugz, Dolly

Flea Market Queen said...

Loving the different hats!
You amaze me Debra...
You wear lotsa hats for sure!

Heidi ( said... all your altered me pictures! ...what fun!

Sherry said...

I love your altered images..they are incredible!!

Leslie said...

So this what they mean by "Ghouls just want to have fun!"

Junie Moon said...

What wonderful celebration ideas! You look great and I really appreciate the freebie art you posted.

eb said...

this - and you are wonderful...

xox - eb.

Laume said...

I like your hat show. Hubby might have been bored with the task but at least he didn't cut off the top of your hats or from the chin down in the photos like my hubby would have done.

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