Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ghoultide Gathering Show & Tell!

We had a 10 hour trip from our house to down state for the show.. and here's alittle Mich. trivia, that you might not know.. people living above the Mackinac Bridge are Known as Yoopers and below the bridge are Trolls ..yes, I have trolls for grandchildren..but they are very sweet trolls!

A simple collage of the entrance late in the day... and my grandson did a little hamming for me..It was a Sweltering hot day in the 90's ,but better than snow or rain! Scot's decorations were fabulous! There was a long line in the morning and packed most of the day.. A Great Show for All ..in spite of the weather!

Here's Scott looking dapper.. with his straw top hat and a boney friend!

Yep.. that's my table ..crammed as usual..but I was happy with it overall..I did a quick picture taking tour of the tables before the Show started..Good thing I did! As was busy and packed most of the day and many tables were quite sparse at the end of the day.. My Daughter was working at the booth for me, while my granddaughter and I schmoozed with people.. we had bought her the cutest witch costume! but was too hot to dress-up.. My daughter did a great job and looked lovely.. but wouldn't let me take a picture! oh well, next time for sure! Thank you daughter..for all your help!! Hugs & kisses Love you !!

One of the2 favorite pieces I did for the Show.. a 'Batty Goth Girl' with pumpkin and her Devilish girl friend, who also wanted to be in the picture..my other favorite was the winking Moon Head with the party hat and neck ruffle on a yellow pedestal..

Here are 2 sweet sisters ,who seriously shopped at the Show and still had fun.. 'Batty Goth Girl' will be going to Florida..Lucky girl!

My neighbor at the show was Shelia Bentley..what a nice and super talent lady! Awesome work.. fine details..

Also met the Halloween Queen at the show and even her Black Cat! [which my grandson petted very gently!] I have several of her books and added one more.. was lucky and thankful to have it autographed by her.. Please visit her interesting website: http://www.castlehalloween.com/ I would love to visit her Halloween Museum! Sorry to say not all my photos came out..some where too out of focus to post on the blog.. but go to http://www.ghoultidegathering.com/ and see what others have posted.

A picture of Primdolly's table before the show...Such a cool pieces...love the painted dresses too..Sheila doesn't have a website but does have a blog: http://www.primdolly.blogspot.com/

Across from me was a lady I have admired in teddy magazines for ages.. Pat Murphy http://www.murphybears.com/ !! Beautiful bears, and kitties ..plus some fun eye candy accessories for fall decorating..it was a pleasure to look at her table of goodies..

Roberta Taylor and Paul Gordon were on my other side and shared a space.. Roberta's work looks as if from a 'time warp' of some Victorian toy shop! This Punch & Judy couple actually had lights in their heads,their mouth and eyes glowed like old lanterns..and the details.. gulp! Her Santa's are to die for!! Well , I have only seen them in books.. but I know they are just absolutely wonderful!

Paul Gordon's pieces were such a sweet blend of whimsy and elegance ..and I was lucky to buy from him..wish I could snoop in his workshop.. hee hee..

Mohair critters to make you drool! All dressed up for Halloween! I wanted to hold the 'bunnies' and' little kitties' but to shy to ask! Love the little kitties and the big squirrels.. oooh!! nice.. Lori has some beautiful photos of her critters and more cool pictures of the show on her website: http://www.bakercompanydesigns.com/

These hand painted signs were one of my daughters favorites..The rich colors and themes for Halloween were wonderful.. She is a fellow ehaag sister..http://www.ehaag.com/and also has a website: http://www.kingofmice.com/

and.. the star of the show! Scott Smith and his fabulous pieces..http://www.rucusstudio.com/ hmmm...I would love one of everything please!!

These were busts that greeted you at the entrance!! Wow!! Love that skelly and his hat !!

Colorful Feather trees and Halloween boxes .. handmade by Sharen and Karen http://www.twinfeathertrees.com/ this was just a small peek of the variety of trees they had and Halloween decorations..

Marvelous work done on a small scale..you gotta see them in person! Loved the hand painted boxes that framed the dolls! Visit Allen on his website http://www.dollsbyallenwcunningham.com/

In the Corner of the room were the wonderful wood carvings by Tony Costanza..I am always happy and eager to see what he has in his display!! He does the Best Witches!! He also has a website : http://www.anthonycostanza.com/ My favorites are the big pieces!

Here is the Delightful Debbie all decked out in a costume to match her display!! Isn't she cute?! I love her happy work, quality made pieces.. I bought a sweet Kitty pin from her.. but want more of her fun stuff !! Her website: http://www.hebejebes.com/

Well I am finally home and had a good time with my daughter and family...but now home and my neck is killing me....so guess this is where I say good night!! I will be adding a few Halloween pieces on the website this week ..things I didn't sell at the Show.. and other pieces I didn't get finished in time for the Show.. will be posted on my website next Monday, Oct.22.


jessi nagy said...

WOWZA! i wish i could be there.

ArtsyMama said...

Wow, thanks for all the wonderfully inspiring pictures. Your booth looked over-the-top AMAZING!!!!

Wendy said...

Your table was fantastic...look at all those goodies!! And all the other artists had such wonderful things....glad everybody did well. Thanks for sharing!

Cathy Nash said...

Wonderful pics. Sounds like a great weekend!
Cathy Nash

Amy Wagner said...

Oh I could cry! I wanted soooooo badly to drive just about 1 hour to see you when you were there but life happened and I was needed elsewhere. Drats! I wanted to meet you and see your goodies in person. The rest of the show looked pretty inviting also.
Oh well, I'll have to stop kicking myself in the butt sooner or later. It is over and done now.
Drat, drat, bummer, rats, gosh darn it...

Amy Wagner said...

I thought of you and your eclectic bunny collection. I have a very Kitschy Bunny on my Etsy shop- for CHEAP, too.

T=ME said...

You always have the best pics and discriptions of your shows. I checked all weekend just waiting for your post. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and time!

Karen Winch said...

Thanks for the detailed post for those of us you could not be there. A shop in Roswell GA The American Sampler has some of your work.. I have enjoyed seeing it . Your blog is wonderful.. the postcards you've put up are so much fun. I collect vintage cards; you have some treasures.

Holiday Queen said...

Oooohhh Debra...I love your table set-up! Sooo many treasures!! Where did you get that gorgeous fabric background?

tascha said...

Oh wow! I just love your table! How fun!!!
Thanks so much for contacting me through pfatt.

She'sSewPretty said...

Wow Debra! What a wonderful show to take part in and shop at! I'm a little green eyed witch with envy!!

Michelle said...

Absolutely amazing and wonderful! I'm sure you had a wonderful time!

*heidi* said...

Wow, I'm in awe over your table! You must have worked night and day for a long time! Congrats on the show, and now I hope your neck-ache goes away quickly. You were to sweet to take pictures of everyone else's tables, too! Thanks for doing that!

love.boxes said...

Those pictures are Halloween heaven! Love your table display!

Anonymous said...

Your table is amazing. How fun whis I could have been there. Everything is like eye candy.

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Deb, your pictures are FANTASTIC!! Your table looks completely wonderful, and guess what!! I discovered the most wonderful little shop today, practically down the street, and I fell in love with the cutest pice of art...lo and behold, it was made by YOU!! I was so excited, its the gorgeous bunny with the pumpkin on his back. The shop owner said she was sad to see it go, it was one of her favorites :)
My next post will have a picture of it :)

Dolly said...

Wow Debbie your display looks wonderful!
I wanted so badly to come to the show!
Life happens!!!
Are you doing any more lower michigan shows this year?

Thanks for the tour of the show...it looked like lots of fun!

your troll friend,
Dolly Z:-)

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

looks amazing!!! how fun!!!

I emailed you a few days ago. I hope you got it :)

Rosemary said...

All I can say is WOW!!!
I love it all. I am a big Halloween fan. I got to your site from Michelle. If you have time, check out my Halloween home at www.theoldpaintedcottage.com Cottage of the month.
I am going to check out all of the sites you mentioned on your blog.

Missy said...

WOW! You are so talented, and as a group of artists, you are litteraly the best in the country! Right there all in one room! Thank you so much for the nice pictures and nice summary of the show! I know if it weren't for distance, that place would have even been MORE packed! But hopefully there will be some leftovers for us to pick through on the web! LOL! Wish I would have seen this sooner!!

laura said...

That's an incredible table! I've never seen anything like it!

Penny said...

Hey Deb,
Great work, as usual! I always love seeing your beautiful things! Thanks for sharing all the pix of GG!

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