Sunday, May 20, 2007

Red Room/views from my bedside..

More shelves of stuff..

Her's a St. Vinnie treasure I scooped up for I gotta go do 'Something' besides sit here and drink cofffee!

One of my big German dolls, I restored stands guard in the bedroom..oh looks like she has a screwy eye..never noticed that before..hmm

My very own original Nicol Sayre doll,have a few other ones ,will post some other time..

That corner is my folk art shrine made from a antique soap box,[love that Fairy ad] of various artist I have met and admired...the barnboard cabinet is packed with antique and artist made Santas..

Last summer I painted our bedroom Ralph Lauren 'deep red' took 6 coats.. but love it! so here's a bedside view of inspiration I see every morning.. a sweet grouping of work from a sweet Michigan artist "Irene Gates" her work.. and have some 'Sally Jean' charms dangling from my love wearing them lately..turning into a jewelry junkie in my old age!!

Charging up the camera batteries to do some pictures of projects I need to finish maybe will give me that kick in the pants to 'Finish' them! Will post them tomorrow..


Lori said...

you have a "few" nicol sayre dolls?? i am very jealous, i only have one that i just recently bought and i love her to bits!!i am adding your link now, check mine on your sidebar it doesn't work :) faeriewindow...i do that all the time, sometimes i have to enter links up to 5 times before they work!! :)

Lori said...


Daisy said...

Debra, you're linking, thank you so much I'm so flattered.
I've just spent ages drooling so over you wonerful bedroom display, and "some" Nicol Sayre dolls!! I'm greedy now, I want to see pictures of all of your rooms you have such style.
Very new to both computers as well as participating at blogging, so, still struggling with making things work (technology and I do not make successful bedfellows!!) when I can work out how to do it, I'll have a try at "showing" what I do. Please, please my eye candy photos. xxx

Daisy said...

Whoops, forgot to ask about the "Glitter and Grunge" coop. Not sure that we have anything like that in the U.K (Here's where I get shot down in flames!!)How does it work? xxx

Christy said...

List 7 random things about yourself..then pick 7 others to Tag!!!

jenny holiday said...

Ohhh what fab eye candy!! Love it all to bits!! Shelves of fun!!

xoxo Jenny

Daisy said...

Rabbits of all shapes and sizes, Bears, Gollys, Pigs, Dolls and anything else that occurs!!. Rabbits and bears have a secret place in my soul though. xxx

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