Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bunny Swap Info Details

Hello, had several ladies inquire about the 'Bunny Swap', and need more info /details... hmmmm.. First of all, the item or items swapped have to be 'Bunny Rabbits', old, new, handmade, bought, altered, your choice of medium and flair! Atleast a $20.00 value [ seen that somewhere on another Swap, and seems fair].

To commit to the Bunny Swap you need to e-mail me your name/address/e-mail/. I will send back a 'bunny banner' to post on your blog. Sign-up ends June 9th, if there are not enough to pair everyone.. I will do double duty and try to fill the void if needed , hopefully enough will respond!! I will do random drawings, e-mail you your partner on June 9th, you have til June 28th to send out your trade, you are responsible for postage...then it's 'Show & Tell' ..either you can send me pictures to post on my blog of the trades or post on your own blog or both! I want it to be fun and imaginative! Bunny lovers everywhere unite!! hehe..


jenny holiday said...

Hi Debra!! Count me in!! I would LOVE to play along!! What a fabbbbulous idea for a swap!!

Here is my email address:

Thanks bunches!!
xoxo Jenny

Jamie said...

I would love to join the Bunny swap also. I made some sweet vinatge bunnies at Easter that really seemed to be well received. I JUST saw your comment on my blog and almost fainted. Like getting a message from a rock star:) Thank you for wanting to add me to your list. I am terribly flattered and a little confused since you are so completely fabulous yourself:) Love, Jamie

My email is Don't be alarmed when I write you back and it says David Miller for the name. My husband and I share an email:)
PS- My friend Lori (Faerie Window) was telling me about the swap and she needed your email as well. Thanks sweetie!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

to join the 'Bunny Swap' email me your name/ address/ email.. thanks for the nice comment!wierd but nice to be noticed..

Genny said...

Ooh count me in for the bunny swap!!

123lavenderlollipoplane said...

barbara burkard
7312 W. Beloit Rd
West Allis, WI 53219

please sign me up for the bunny swhop!

Michelle Sylvia said...

I am so interested in this swap, I have been coming back and forth here and I know if I don't join, I am going to be disappointed!

Please count me in. :0) I have a couple ideas swirling. :0)

Many Blessings,
Michelle Sylvia
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