Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rainy Day Projects

Hiding in the house today doing projects in the basement..

Rain, rain...well ,able to focus on those papier mache projects and not my 'Flowers'!

My Chalkware Projects so far.. can't decide if I should just antique or do a fine crackle finish on them... Then will decorate with glitter on 4th July Girl's base and hat..
Patching with paperclay, sanding and sealing with gesso...the doll in pink is actually paper pulp[like the egg cartoons] and is fragile. Stuffed tissue paper up inside from the bottom to add alittle more stability. She had paper decal eyes..
I have also seen this mold done in plaster as a lamp. But always with a sloppy paint job.. they were Carnival Prizes or Souvenirs in 20's-30's and maybe even the 40's..
Always looking for basket case Kewpies in composition, or chalkware [plaster]
..Have about 14 dolls now..keep adding to the group...
These 2 are almost done.Will repaint the boy, didn't like his face[especially the nose] added too much hair... was playing around but looks best simple and toned down. Bases will be covered in glitter.
Found this half done Doll in my workroom, a papier mache shoulderhead and cloth body... she's about 18" tall. Really don't like her the papier mache was quite coarse but hate to toss out as like her body and eyes..so will force myself to finish her!

A mohair Patriotic Critter..I don't know if he will be a bear, rabbit or goat! [the goat will have tiny horns and a little beard]. Size:15" tall.

A bisque head reproduction doll I started awhile back. Her bow is brass and will have a Striped pleated skirt,paper hat and flag. She is 15''tall.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Deb.

Love them all!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Hugs, Sharon

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Debra,

Wow, have you got your hands full of projects. I've always loved Kewpie, too, and I have an original "rubber" version from the 40's (from my grandma) only rubber doesn't hold up well through the years and it's decompsing into a greasy, squashed mess. I've been checking with "doll doctors" for years and no one can tell me how to preserve a rubber doll, except a vacuum-airtight chamber....yeah that's realistic. Looking forward to seeing the end results on your projects.


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