Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Garden Stuff and Remembering Mom

I did some close-ups of some of the garden statues yesterday.. playing with the zoom lense on camera.

This statue had some old paint brushed on it and well a 'Green Angel'' ick..I will get another can of the brown texture paint and do it like my Garden Fairy..

Here's a old cement rabbit, he hides near the 'Annabelle Hydrangea' by the greenhouse.

A lone purple 'Lupine' in the garden..
One of my favorite plants is 'Ladies Mantle' with raindrops, which grows next to a huge clump of white flowered 'Cranesbill,' looks ever prettier in fall when the Cranesbill's leaves turn orange /purple.
One of the Iron butterflies my husband made from a railroad nail.. still looking good!

The tiny ceramic bird was from Cindy [my Easter Basket Swap partner]..Fountain isn't running since the sun was hiding but it did come out for a sec and it works! Sounds nice too.

This fountain is a verigris metal bowl and can be changed to a low dish fountain or moved indoors with a plug-in adapter. This one is a large resin painted in a oiled bronze. Solar only.
Both of the Solar Fountains are made by the company ' Solar Smarts' .I did alot of searching and comparing online, then bought mine from ebay alot cheaper than anywhere else...Made the Sunflower mosaic years ago, it's a small wood ironing board used as a table.
Not happy with arrangement on deck will move stuff around and do pictures a month from now. I just potted up everything a few days ago..the vine you see is a 'Virginia Creeper' and has taken over the house and deck, so always cutting it back! [Does look very pretty in fall when all red and purple.] Started tucking in solar lights in pots etc. think will get some floating led lights for fountains and solar twinkle string lights to put on twig wreath..Grandkids will be here in July/August so will be fun for them!
Pots of red and yellow Tomatoes and red, green and orange Peppers..the only vegetable gardening will do this year. Here's a weary looking gardener in purple..kinda how I feel all the time lately..
That purple Clematis again..

Drinking coffee this morning on the deck and waiting for some sun..

A year ago today my mother passed away.. so been thinking alot about her.. where ever she might be.. She was a Finn and you better throw a pot of coffee on when she came to visit! [and have some good bakery to go with..] So here's to you Mom ...
Me and my Mom in Burlington Iowa..yep I still make that goofy face..When I was a kid we lived for awhile in Iowa in a huge house with my grandparents and aunt and was fun..



You have so many lovely things in your garden. Love the angels.

vivian said...

beautiful gardens and I love the picture of you and your lovely mom! think happy thoughts about her today!

Maija said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain- my mom died 2 1/2 years ago, and I miss her every day!

Jingles said...

Oh its really bad to know, i can understand your feelings, dont feel alone we all are here for you, keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Dear Debra,

It's always in the back of our minds, our mother's memory and her love... and we will always miss them. I have been thinking about my mother a lot lately, so your post touched me and made me smile. This time of year she would be planning what to fix for our July 4th family picnic, and I'd be wondering if she'd make her yummy orange cake or an apple pie, and dreaming of home made icecream on top of either one... Those good times are always with us. Hold on to them an know that you are not alone... Hugs always!!


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