Saturday, June 12, 2010

Purple Flowers & Rainy Days

A old paper scrap of a 'lady bird' for your creative use, notice her pretty pale Purple flowers?!

Some peeks of a few of my plants in the garden and on the deck. A whiskey barrel in the arbor loaded with Purple and Pink Cranesbill and soon to bloom, Yellow mini Daylillies.

Purple blooming in the garden.. I tried doing a close-up here of 'Blue False Indigo' Baptisia Australis and peeking under is varigated 'Snow on the Mountain' and Chives.

My new potted Clematis 'Will Goodwin' with big Purple Blue flowers..
and a basket of Purple Petunias sitting on a old metal tea cart that I decorated with glass mosaic .
This year's color palette is 'Purple, White and Maroon' and alittle Pink and Yellow throw in here and there. In the background are my old Pink Roses..delightfully scented so nice when sitting on the deck..

' Little Henry' Itea virginica Sprich.. A lovely shrub that turns bright Red in the fall.

A Lavender'Goodwin Creek' and 3 different fancy leaf Kales
in a vintage clay embossed pot..
A new plant to me and had to try.. 'Fiber Optic' a Grasslike plant, planted with a Purple flowered Thai Basil , and a mix of Rose and Maroon Calla Lilles 'Pillow Talk' in a small fat urn.
On a old wood bench I have a Rose Pink Astilbe and a pot of a deep Red zonal geranium, Red Sword Cordyline, Lime Green Nicotiana, and a Lime Green Sweet Potatoe vine with my pretty resin Garden Fairy, I spray her with a brown texture paint and happy with results..

Well, I received my Solar fountains yesterday..Yippee!! I set them up on the deck but no sun, rained so hard it filled the birdbaths/fountains! So when the sun comes out will do pictures.. now it's time to go in the basement and do some Papier Mache to pay for all this! Ha! ..

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Meri Wiley said...

Hi Debra,

Wow, what a beautiful garden you have. My mom would go crazy, as purple is her most favorite color in the whole world. She's kind of small, just over 5 feet, and she wears lot's of purple clothing. She has this really "puffy" purple coat she wears in the winter and we've come to call her a couple of different names; purple smurf or purple people eater, or weird stuff like that.

Anyway, lovely garden missy, you should be very proud.


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