Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tonight on Etsy..

My 5 year old Canon camera is driving me crazy!! I think its getting ready to die as acting weird.. so before the month is over, I'm 'treating' myself to a new digital camera! Anyways , tonight around 8-9pm Michigan time.. I'll be listing a few more items to Etsy... as need to clear out my work area for the Christmas stuff to begin!

A peek into a corner of my messy work works and reworks ... and if I really don't like goes in the wood stove!

Here's a real sneek peek.. This 'owl on the moon' went to Bethany Lowe for 2010..
...I love Moons.. and owls and squirrels.. and bunnies and bears... and and..well you get the idea...

A cute little poem you can use..

A terrific pair of Flapper girls for Halloween..

A fellow artist told me my Etsy avatar was no good ...and should use a face of one of my creations... so here is 'My New Avatar for Etsy'...

Isn't this a great graphic design for a box of drinking straws!?

Marching into Halloween ...its almost here! has been a soggy week here!! But on the bright side the colors are saturated and trees refuse to give up their pretty leaves...We woke to a surprise a couple days ago... in the basement ... 2'' of water... After cleaning up and having fans blowing day and night it's now possible to get my delayed projects done! Nothing was ruined... as got smart after the 'first time' and have everything in plastic bins.. Still is 'yucky' though....even have the wood stove burning to get the damp that's what happening this evening it's homemade chili and oatmeal cookies and the third season of 'Dexter' from Netflix ...Winter is coming early this year...


Valeriote Design said...

WOW! What fun I had just looking around your fun filled site. I'm off to see your Etsy shop.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

like all of your Halloween things..m.

Patricia said...

Your creations are wonderful - I have enjoyed my visit to your blog. A Happy Halloween to you !!!

vivian said...

wow Deb.. that owl on the moon is absolutely freaken awesome!
and chili and oatmeal cookies sound pretty darn good too!
have a great afternoon!

Shari Replogle said...

What an adorable photo for your new Etsy avatar! Love the owl on the moon as well.

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