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Home Again with Ghoultide Treats!

Here are some of my purchases from the show. Yes, even the magazine 'Celebrate 365' [first time I ever saw it] the cover is what grabbed my eye! Isn't it great?! Cover artwork by 'Retro Rudolph' Lori is a fabulous Halloween artist ... articles on Johanna Parker and Robert Brawley

and alot more.. so was like seeing old friends plus a few of my pieces where sprinkled in there too! [What a neat surprise!]Bought a old pressed paper 'Witch & Moon' from a nice gentleman who had vintage Holiday collectibles for sale at the Show [plus a big Easter Rabbit pressed paper stand up ] was delighted!! My goal is to buy something from every artist at the Show ..but can't do it all at once! I wish... Got these sweet little dolls from Nicol who was my neighbor again this year! She even remembered to do a Bunny for me, as asked her last year to bring thoughtful!! Thanks Nicol! Love them.. These will be out year round to enjoy..
and her postcards ,which where as pretty on the back as the front..
A few cards picked up at the show...

Lucky to have a couple of tiny witches from Shelia of 'PrimDollyDesigns'

Irene Gates a fellow Michigan artist some may know her by her biz name 'Sparrow Reed', had to add a couple more of her fabulous pictures to my collection !!

Have been wanting to buy something from this husband wife team for some time now and was lucky to be across from them at the show..They look perfect on my tree Mr. Skelly and his tiny crows and the whimsical Pumpkin Man on his vine swing,also the tiny Pumpkin Candle clip on!

How cute is this little fuzzy slumpy pumpkin fellow??!!
Lori was in the first building so did not get to see all her goodies.. but finally escaped to shop and he was calling me to bring him home and sit next to my Black Bunny from last year..

Was so happy to be able to see Pat's work but had to have these cute kitty cat felt container and woolie..I noticed alot of artist are dabbling in Felt Needlework, bought myself a bundle of wool and needles last year and a couple Japanese books so I hope have time to play with this winter! [Been told its very addicting..] the fat felt leaf garland at World Market...

Yep ,that me the ol 'pumpkin head in my Calamity Kim apron [ had it made special last year] and with me is that Sweet pie Daughter who without her help I could not do the Show..
Thank you dear daughter! Scott and Stephanie who run the Show gave all the artist a 'Treat Bag' [which my grand kids loved and gobbled up!]..

Early in the show it was packed and hardly room to turn around!! But later in the day people were able to browse with some elbow room..Was a treat to see old customers and new and some friends and fellow artist from Blogland..was a treat to chat with Dani..caught her dashing off.. of 'Ambitions Designs' and 'Spooky Time Jingles'

Nicol Sayre was my neighbor ,lucky me! Her dolls are so fantastic in person... loved the vintage fabric stars with tiny photos in the center

Dig those striped stockings! Lovely Halloween needlework and her itty bitty pumpkin dolls.

Yippee Skippy!! Pat Murphy always has a fun and colorful table of critters[and now has a blog too!] wool felt kitty had to come with me...he was calling me...meow!
I really wanted the Owl too... but my purse said 'No'... next year!

Always great to see Tony's colorful wood the Witches and Owls!

Paul was my other neighbor and the grand kids got a tour the night before during set up and loved this Scarecrow with the lite up head and Witch riding on a crow!

My granddaughter said this kitty need to comb its hair! Scary! This table was right across from us and oh so tempting!!! So many little goodies to buy!
Wanted everything!!

Irene is the sweetest lady and her Whimsical Witches show that..I went home with was really hard to pick!

Carol's work is sooo colorful and what a artist!! Have a piece from her and love it...sorry the pictures were so blah.. was rushing to try and get everyone but some photos were too awful to post!

Kristen Beason does the most original and whimsical characters!! I even dreamt about her Pumpkin Pie man! Really! They are just wonderful ..[You can see my stuff in the background] Bought the magazine at Hobby Lobby as never had a chance to get back to her table to buy one.. Hopefully, will request from her a special order for me!! I love her work!! Her work is like a cast of characters that popped out of a story book! Perfection!

Debbie was dressed all black, with a cute vintage hat! She had lots fun felt ornaments on her Spooky Tree..[my grandson liked that!] and Witches big and small.

Scott and his wonderful robe with lush ruffles and a slightly askew ed mustache! His stuff is the best....
Now if only I could win that lottery and buy everything!!

The Show is in 2 buildings... sorry to say I did not get a chance this year to take pictures of everyone.. so you will just have to check out the 'Ghoultide Gathering' website and blog for what I missed and a list of all the artist links..

Finally, some pictures of my table the night before.. a gathering of Spooky Ghost and a basket of Baby Pumpkin dolls..
A favorite of mine was my 'Moon Witch' bust..

Miss Hyde on the pedestle...

My husband really liked my 'Halloween Spider Boxes' and 'Baabaa
Black Sheep' with the big brown eyes..

Another one of favorites was my 'Gobbling Goblin'..

Some bigger papier mache and vintage fabric dolls and figures in the window..

Finally.. Thanks to all the Shoppers who made the Show a sucess and braved the gloomy weather and economy...Thank you, thank you..
We finally got home late Wed. night as we stayed awhile after the show to spend alittle more time with family...Got to do some shopping with my daughter after we packed up,stopped at 'Ikea' and loaded up with a few goods for the kids..Brought back alot of Treats and a few germs as well..ha! We both got colds..but happy anyways.. feeling back to my old self again! Will post some Halloween things for SALE on the blog 'SUNDAY,OCT.11TH' and on Etsy so be sure to come back then!


vivian said...

OMG.. I can barely handle looking at your pictures. I cant imagine seeing all that in person. I think I would have a stroke or something! so much awesome stuff!! thanks for sharing!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What a fabulous event... your dolls are incredible!

Love your halloween decor!

Jennifer said...

I bought the "Moon Witch" bust and I love love love it. I think I have been driving my husband crazy telling him to look at it. We'll be back next year!!!!!!

Elma said...

Oh my word I love all the pictures:) What a madhouse but it was soooo fun. I love the piece I bought from you and I will keep it out all year:) Your daughter was so sweet and so calm:) I loved Nicole dolls to. I loved everything. It was great to finally meet Kristen Beason and Dani:) I think next time I need o bring MORE money:)

Jennifer Hepler said...

I am the new mommie th your winking devil and witchy poo! Love them!

~dani~ said...

Oh Debra!! What a treat your table was. I went to the show with grabbing one of your goodies in mind. I knew I wanted some design of your bat girls but when I got there I loved the tall skelly too! My hubster wanted the skelly and so he got that and I got my bat girl!!! They are both by far my most favorite pieces collected as of late. I am only sorry I didn't grab that all red glittery devil too! (I am addicted ;) Our new pieces are on our mantle among other sweet & spookies. I will take a pic soon and share (you will love it-they look so Thank you so much for your kindness and sharing a lil pic of me and my biz card! BIG BIG hugs for being the dear you are. Michael and I are totally smitten with you and your art~

Elma said...

Do you know when you will be listing?? Elma

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Hi Debra, thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and for the very kind compliments on my work.
So glad you picked up the magazine, it's lots of FUN to read and look through!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Love all the pictures, thanks for sharing!

I hope to get to the show next year!

Connie said...

Oh, what a great photo recap! I enjoyed seeing what YOU purchased ... some that I was lusting after myself!

And, thanks for the plug for Celebrate365!

Carolee said...

What wonderful photos!! It was indeed an amazing event, and thanks so much for posting such kind words about my work.

I absolutely ADORE your work, and had I been able, would have gone home with some. :)

I'm already looking forward to NEXT year!!

~ Carolee

Christine Edwards said...

Thank you posting all of the wonderful pics of the event. I would absolutely love to go, but would need a second mortgage for all of the credit card charges after I bought one of everything. Maybe one day. I just bought your Bethany Lowe ghost...if I had only known the original would be available.

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