Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Party Show My Halloween Home

Welcome!!... finally to my Halloween house.. party by

This isn't my house but found on ebay while looking for bathroom fixtures.. very Halloween don't you think?!

Been busy with the decorating still more to do... but this is what is up so far.. move the tree twice but now its where I wanted it! Original Scott Smith 'Pumpkin/moon head' and reproduction Johanna Parker 'Pumpkin Lollypop '... got her kitty too..

Scott Smith's Bat ,Devil kitty, Ghost and Bat ornaments reproduced by Bethany Lowe

Vintage paper Halloween Party plates.. Bethany Lowe 'White Witch' and a Johanna Parker 'Kitty candlestick'... in the kitchen..

Dining room wall..toile and transferware, old tins and Hallloween decor.. the tiny paper dolls where made by me from a Sandra Evertson print in a past issue of Somerset Studio magazine..

Valorie Weberpal tiny pumpkin doll..

Tony Constanza Witch carving..Greg Guedel Pumpkin Man box by Bethany Lowe..

My kitchen window..Greg Guedel 'Kitty and Pumpkin man' by Bethany Lowe, old owls. chalkware carrots and owl planter..

Old tin and vintage orange metal teapot, glass jar with glass candy and pumpkin ornament..

Pretty fall dishes on stovetop..

Corner in kitchen , a fiber optic tree from 'Joanne's' and a delightful picture by a sweet pal, postcard artist Eydie

Wool hooked carrots..

And some of our favorite wine.. mine is the Cranberry but my husband like trying different fruit flavors..this time its Strawberry Rhubarb .. '3 Lakes Winery' in Wisconsin [they also have a white pumpkin wine! its very good mixed with juice and fizz for a fun drink]... we always get a couple bottles when in Wisconsin...

More stuff in the window, kept changing it around so finally got where I want it.. owl teapot, just bought on ebay so had to add... its so cute!
Kitchen at night all orangey and cobwebby!

These guys are so whimsical had to take another picture!
Tree again.. different from last year [see archive's 2007 for last year's tree in Oct.]

Corner shelf with old and new treats.. Irene Gates Witch..

Was late and soo busy with orders etc. so not all my Halloween is out this year .. added lots a of webbing..the big tissue starburst from Blumchen..

My papier mache pieces, Bethany Lowe boxes and my Chocolate rabbits..

Top of refrigerator, carnival glass, and my fave 'faux Chinese lanterns' from Joanne's..

Hanging art glass balls and spider paper lantern..and on the shelf is my 'Moon Man with Cat on his Head' and 'Little Skelly' and 'Treats' the pumpkin boy in white made by Bethany Lowe..

Chocolate rabbits and a sweet pumpkin girl made on a corncob by Valerie Weberpal...

Chalkware lamp with vintage postcard lampshade has a different card on other side!

Black Glitter Cats by Bethany cool!

Fall poppies and bittersweet...

Big moon Head container with owls by Bethany Lowe..glow in the dark utensils...

Witch and Cat danglers by Beistle..

My tower of vintage suitcases [use them to store Holiday decorations..]
more spider webbing..
favorite bunny swap picture, and that beautiful girl is my daughter...

My Hoop Skirt Witch by Bethany Lowe Designs.. fabulous job! I think it even looks better than the original!

Raven and gourds under glass..

Shiny Brite paper lantern..

The corner of picture is my computer desk..
Margaret Shaw 'Rabbit' on a Tin ceiling panel...
Changed location of my Halloween tree.. but here is a collection of some of my folk art Halloween stuff and some old stuff and even some blog swap stuff ..

My pumpkin doll by Bethany Lowe..and a serious rabbit..

yep, its that tree again..and a wonderful Tony Costanza Witch by Bethany Lowe!

Scott Smith 'Pumpkin with hat lantern' by Bethany Lowe and a Original' Devil' and 'Nodder Cat' by Scott.. also another pumpkin doll by Valerie Weberpal...antique wicker table and some of my old plastic blowmold lamps..

That purple shelf is by Chris Robinson..

Last years' Halloween Swap, picture collage made by Kandeland and one of my old paper pumpkin and plate..

Well late posting for the party but..come back Sunday will have a 'Halloween Giveaway'!!


The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

wow that was worth the wait, awesome, do you do all that for christmas too, just awesome, lisa

Tracey J said...

OH My! you have been busy!! Everything looks so wonderful - I had to go back twice just to make sure i saw it all! You should be giving Halloween tours!
Wonderful display! Just the right amount of Halloween spirit! i'd say! :)
Thank you for sharing!!
Tracey J.

My Vintage Studio said...

WOW...wonderful home decorations for Halloween!

Please check my blog this weekend for a posting on wonderful blogs with Fall decor.

Cheers, Sharon

Tricia said...

Oh What alot of Halloween goodies you have!!! Hope you can visit my party!!!
HaPpY hAllOwEEn!!!!!

Tammy said...

Wow! Talk aout having the house all decked out for your Halloween Party. Thanks for sharing this lovely evening. The place looks spooktacular!
I am hosting a party, as well. Come visit.

Laura said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I'm the first to comment, and all I have to say is I want to live at your house! What a beautiful job of decorating for Halloween. Love it - especially your tree! Happy Halloween!

cindy said...

You always have the most wonderful decor! And what a wild bathroom, my niece would LOVE that! : D


Mermaid Queen said...

Love all your goodies! Your creations are just amazing.
Take care,

NyteRayn said...

I was just hanging out over at a Fanciful Twist’s party and I thought I’d check out your blog! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Laume said...

Oh my stars. I'm overwhelmed with it all. Do you some of it out all year? It has a permanent look to it. I was gonna mention "I like this" and "I like that" but I stopped counting after I about six or seven things. Again, wow. Although I have to mention that sign - Chippewa - my family is from that area.

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Wow!!! What an amazing collection of Halloween goodies!!!

Halloween Fanatic said...

Wow what a collection Deb! It looks great! Robert :)

Jenny S said...

Wow! I want to live with you!! My favorite it the bat ornament on the tree! Beautiful!

Designs by CK said...

Popping in to wish you a magickal & Happy Halloween!

PS: Great pictures & decorations.

SpOOky CK :-D)

trash talk said...

Wow and double wow! I think I just visited HalloweenTown. That was a fun tour. Debbie

AwtemNymf said...

Oh I'm in heaven! *pinches self* Nope.. still here *lol*
I'm moving in! I LOVE the vintage and papier mache goodies! ALL that vintage inspired stuff! *faints*
I love it!!!

cassie said...

Awesome! Just Awesome! I agree with another poster that said you should give Halloween tours!

vivian said...

wow oh wow! you have sooo much! I love it all.
just wanted to let you know that i mailed your package out friday!
enjoy your sunday!!

Shell said...

I enjoyed your Halloween party.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

oh my goodness you have a lot of Halloween decrations. WOW so many cute things.

Jeanne said...

WOW! Absolutely wonderful! I could spend hours here. Had a fabulous time! Happy Haunting!

Angie said...

wow... you have so many fun things :)

Anonymous said...

My goodness - so many fabulous decorations. My favorites were the art glass balls in your sunny window and the witchy lampshade. I fear I may have missed something tho, I'll have to stop back by after the party for a closer look!

Witchy Blessings by way of Vanessa,

Rambling Girl said...

WOW! I have come back for a second time. I also had to bring my four year old, Lexi, to check your decor. Oh I love all the neat things...and she did to. It took us quite a while to look at each and every pic. She has been telling her daddy about all the stuff you have. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful decorations. said...

So many amazing treasure I am seriously utterly speechless!! unbelievable magic galore & overflowing wonderment!!!! Still speechless here ;) cackle cackle!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

wow! that's some seriously wicked and wonderful Halloween goodness! thanks for the tour!

She'sSewPretty said...

Wow! I could spend hours just looking at all of your wonderful decorations! It must take weeks to decorate your house! Thanks so much for sharing!

LiLi M. said...

OMG this is so great!I'm going back!

AmyB said...

Debra, You really do it up! You're the quintessinal holiday queen. Thanks for sharing your merry abode! - Amy Bauer

Creating Myself said...

WOW!!!! That's a lot of stuff! Love your stack of suitcases & your hoop skirt witch.

Thanks for teh images also!

Shannon said...

Your house looks amazing for Halloween! I love all your trees! xo Shannon

The Decorated House said...

My goodness, what a party you put on!
It was such fun to come by and see everything.
Happy Halloween, Thanks for sharing!

Marina Capano said...

Wow!!! wonderful! What an amazing collection of Halloween goodies!!!
great post! I would if you visit my halloween post too!

nice to meet you!

suzanne.artist said...

Love how you've decorated your environment, truly inspiring!

Loretta said...

I'm stunned speechless; I've never seen anything like this. I'm from beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and we don't have things like this up here! Thanks for the wonderful eye candy. I'm finally getting around to all the fantastic blogs from Fanciful Twist, but yours is by far my favourite one for decorations!!!

Patricia said...

What a lovely decorated house - I cannot the beautiful items. I am so glad I stopped by and thanks for the images. I shall return. Happy, Happy Halloween !

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