Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Flight Swap in the Mail

I hope everyone has their swap goodies now and my partners have been so creative with our theme such a surprise with each box as what they have come up with.. the swap was simple, a paper doll, a ATC card, and some type of owl. This box was a total surprise as was not even my partner! Amy just blew me away, as she said she never did a ATC card or a paper doll!! Well her 'paper doll' with be a treasured heirloom in this house!! She was so creative in her presentation and even a poem to go with the jointed doll! Thank you.. and a big hug for being so thoughtful Amy!

Ta-dah! A coffin tied in rayon ribbon and a wishbone..
Her veiny self emerges looking toward the heavens dressed in a glittered and ribbons gown
Now spreading her tissue batty wings to take flight!
A delightful ATC card, a vintage cotton owl ,so sweet and the cutest spooky and somewhat hairy bat! just love em! Thank you thank you and a big hug!!

This big and pretty box came all the way from the Netherlands! Lili was so generous and creative! Visit her blog
for some fun treats.. Just love that orange and black ribbon and black rose! The paper is so pretty will save for future projects! The cards and tags were delightful!!

Her paper doll was a lovely vintage girl in real lace' and a tiny box, tie-up like a corset, with shell buttons and crocheted thread.. inside a tiny angel! Her brown glittery shoes and a big witch hat look so sweet..she is now hanging by the computer with a photo of herself and a small key from her hand..her ATC card is the best with hidden wings that flap out,a perfect composition in color scale design.. in other words, I love it!

Will save her forever!

Old pages from books, that had, owls, rabbits, cats ..There is a teddy bear and rabbit that I will frame and hang on the wall! Plus a second ATC card to match the old print..some yummy chocolate, my husband had dibs on that!, and some other tiny treasures..even a feathery white owl!

She did up this very cool 'Owl in the Tree' with adjustable ribbon ..a terrific idea! There are little slots to pull the ribbon thru and knot.. I will use that idea in a project!

Look ! Amy's Bat flew over to visit the Owl..

Vintage pages and really cool postcards ,love the family with rabbit masks in the bed.. Taped the rose to my transferware.. for some goth fun!

Well , its time I gave you a peek at some of the Paper dolls and ATC cards, I made..but shhh! it's a secret I am not telling who get what!

This was my favorite one so far.. with her bat hat and French Owl trade card in a glittered crown and damask skirt..

I limited myself to only 2 heads and body types..and was pretty happy with results..
This was the exception, this Paper doll was treated with real feather wings and a apron , that could still use more embellishments and sent to the perfect lady who can dazzle it up!!

Yesterday this sweet package came from Vivian a great partner in swaps..a hand painted kitty face and really neat Halloween papers, is a Batty Cat! sooo cool.. just the most sweet like ATC card Dolly with crepe paper skirt and batty wings..
a very perfect Owl charm,that I will add to my charm collage necklace and topping it all.. is a tiny 'Needle Felted Owl'... soo wonderful, he now lives on the' shelf of honor' in my dining room!! So can give him alittle squeeze now and then! Thank you, Vivian for your heart felt work...

Even received this sweet card and ATC from Awtem Nymf
as Thank you, and I say Thank you right back for the lovely little purple owl ATC![ the stickers on her card were real cute too!] Saving it all!

And finally a package all the way from Hawaii! Kimberly even sketched on the outer wrapper of her box! soo neat!!

Is that a cool package or what!?

Inside is a hand drawn green Witch Paper doll , even has a mini skirt, broom and tiny watch [ to get here by the witching hour perhaps!?] .She is painted in soft watercolors. Plus a painted ..very cool ,folded Owl ATC card and ink sketched 'Owl night light cover' ..he lives in the kitchen now!

Light off and light on.. so there's the wine...glad I have a night light now..heehee...and now time for me to go to bed!!


vivian said...

wow! you recieved some wonderful things! I'm so glad you like the things I sent you! Your a great swap partner too!

LiLi M. said...

Hi Debra, I'm so glad you liked what I've sent you. I'm the kind of person who is always doubting; is this you color scheme, would you really like this, especially when there is no time left to do something else.
You were spoiled rotten by every one else, you must have deserved that! To me a lot of Halloween inspiration again, I shall have to get used to a time without Halloween decorations after next week.

snowbearsmom1 said...

I'm from Artsy Mammas site.. I just wanted to tell you how much i am enjoying all the wonderful stuff on your blog!! Thank you for sharing all of your fabulous items!!

Jenny S said...

Wow! Such creative ladies!! I am in three swaps right now and cannot wait to see what I get!! Woo Hoo!!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Fantastic! The spirit of Halloween truely lives in your blog. Susan

AmyB said...

Debra, So very glad you liked Bonnett Bat Girl! What wonderful treasures you received from your partner & othters as well. Love Lili's doll with the hidden corsett surprise, and her ATC is soo cute! Love the owl diorma too. Vivian's work is always wonderful, and that purple owl atc and light are great. YOUR ATC's & dollies are most wonderful as always! You always incorporate such vibrant color and fun images. - Amy Bauer

Andrea said...

That was really fun to see! Now I am even more inspired to take pictures and share my own swap story! Thanks

vivian said...

hi DEbra! I got your package this afternoon! I love every single piece. I adore the paperdoll! the ATC is so awesome, the little pin, I'm going to wear tomorrow! all the sweet little cards and goodies and the Owls (the awesome owls!) are just perfect little halloween treats! and thanks for the candy too! hubbys been eyeing it since I opened the package!
thanks a bunch!

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