Monday, July 9, 2007

Lazy Monday and another pair of Crocs!

Yes, another pair of crocs... can't say enough good stuff about how comfy and cute these shoes are and so many colors and styles! But my favorite are the Mary Janes, going to buy Ruby red and Army green next!! I'm addicted to them! So did a silly collage to and alittle interest to my boring picture of my feet!! Ha! The Alice rub-on were from a very cool site, the fancy frame and glass alphabet from the ornate letters are

Was a nice day,[ good lighting] to walk around the house and take pictures.. so I did just that.. Some of my Flea Market finds..

A couple of my aprons.... and a wood hanger I made years ago of Peter Rabbit's mama and a excerpt from the book.. to hang cute stuff on , so always something different hanging on it..


oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl-i just love croc's, i do have some- but what do the mary janes look like- and the name's - wow ruby red- oh yum, hay i love your coat hanger and your aprons- your world is divine... singing and skipping love jo.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Can't believe I got here first. Yay me! I mean yay you...first of all I love your wallpaper! Don't let the bloggers get ahold of it...they'll cut it up, fold it and put glitter on it...
I love your digital skills too!

Lori said...

HI, just found your sight through Shelley. What a beautiful wallpaper in your guest room and the plate goes so well. Look forward to visit again. Lori

Die Hohe Dame said...

hey i like your color scheme! chocolate!
just wanted to say i sent your marie antoinette stuff yesterday... but it might take a couple weeks... maybe not..
have a good day

Maria said...

I have never tried crocs but I have heard so much about them. i love your paper mache pals they are adorable.

Amy said...

Oh wow!! I am so glad you shared your art and corners of your home. The whole post was scrumptious!!
I adore Peter Rabbit's Momma... she had an awful lot of patience with such a naughty Peter. Hehe
Do share some more of your decorating spots.
Amy said...

that wallpaper looks so pretty with that plate. Great colors.

Monica said...

cute aprons , I love the red one!

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