Sunday, July 15, 2007

ATC cards.. Trade??

Here is a card I altered and will use in a collage..

Here is the original card...

I ran out of ink for my printer, so thought hmm.. what if I did a black & white biz card took a postcard turned it B&W added my info and there it is..

This is my official logo and had fun grudging it up abit..

Step 1: Here is a image I cut out added inked edges ,drop shadows and a crown.. so will show you in a day or 2 the finished project 'or' you can click on and save and 'You Finish' and show me!

here is a photo from my favorite right now to use..and Went to and bought some digi kits and a few different alphabets, these are the silver glitter letters..

Been pining here for awhile now over the fabulous ATC cards and looking thru 'Somerset Studios books and magazine.. at this coool cards.. so how does one get into these 'round robins books' and trade the cards ??? As I would very much like to do..

Anyone want to TRADE ATC cards with me??!! Leave a comment and we can go from there or email me..Thought a Theme of 'The Land of Make Believe' would be a interesting and open subject.. I thing the bug really got me when Mica sent a paper print she did [is that a ATC?] for the Bunny Swap.

Well did a couple play projects with some new digi kits & photos...will show the other pictures another day..thats all for now..


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind swapping. Now let's see the land of make believe....

red tin heart said...

Debra your art is fantastic! I have been experimenting with Atc's and would love to trade with you, give me about a week to finish some of them. I have a site you will really like that leds to other ATC Artist, it's called.
Art in My Pocket
Nita said...

I'd like to trade cards. I kind of like the idea of a simple trade that will fit in an envelope and doesn't need a bunch of stuff along with it!

And, I looked at the site you reccomended, way cool. thanks said...

I used your angel photo challenge and posted it on my blog today. Thanks!

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