Monday, July 2, 2007

Found a New Swap and waiting..

Its a rainy cool day here and while having my third coffee break! went hopping thru the blogs.. at 'Karla Cottage' I saw a New Swap, sooo checked it out! Its a "Art Doll Party Hat Swap" hosted by so go there and get all the info..well, I had to sign up and then share...there is a how-to on 'Art Chix' about the Art Doll Hats here's the link> ..and was so neat I made a collage for it, using the 'Memorabilia kit 'at and the pewter frame is from a kit of Bonnie van Esch's elements.. [see a previous post for info]

I'm still waiting for every one's Bunny photos and to hear from my partners..


Michelle Sylvia said...

I sent you mine last week..Did you get them?


Malady said...

OH, that is just wonderful! Do you mind if I post it on my blog?



Bethany said...

OOOH thanks for the swap info...that sounds like a blast! What a good idea...I hope I can join in on the fun. BTW I soo enjoyed all the fun with the bunny swap...I can't wait til mine arrives :)

*Heidi* said...

Your Art Doll Party Hat Swap collage is darling! I may have missed the okay, but may I use this for the swap button on my blog? It's just so sweet! This is my first visit here...looks like I have lots of looking around to do!

Die Hohe Dame said...

hey i think that we had a month... i can wait till your ready to send my package to you.. i dont mind... it seemed to me that it was more up to us when it was due. i havnt seen anyone say when either... your involved in way more swaps than i so you let me know and we can try to mail our stuff at the same time. is that cool? have fun!
sheri your MA partner

oldflowers4me said...

ooohhh- the party hat swap looks divine-your world is a beautiful place - singing and skipping love jo

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