Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back Home from Ghoultide!

Been ages since I blogged..  A frenzy of work before 'Ghoultide Gathering'.. Had some problems with camera,but did manage a few pictures ..didn't get to take pictures of my booth or the Show so you will just have to look on site Ghoultide Gathering to see if anyone else posted..
I was very happy with new location..liked that all the artist are togehter..will have to step up my game for next year, now we can have room to get fancy!

 A sweet customer bought this pumpkin shadowbox and even had a gift for me a rhinestone spider{love it!} Thank you again, Thomas !

  This little Bat Boy I think was my favorite piece, I just loved how his face turned out..

  and here was my second favorite piece and was the first sale Friday evening ' Goblin Boy Takes a Ride'

  Old witch was on my top 5 list and to my amazement..the little witch with the yellow dress was my daughters favorite, in fact it was a piece she asked to keep and was so happy she did..

  Wish I could have had a better picture of these doll,sort of my first time playing with altered collage type dolls, old tin doll eyes, mohair and tin jello mold for skirts..really happy with them and went home with a favorite customer!
 Did alot of little witches this year.. the pumpkin girl and Miss Spider were cuties..
  Here were my Ghoultide Pumpkin Ghouls..

 Witches,kitties,veggies,pumpkin kids, some Halloween bugs, fairies and owls and a few devils thrown in populated my table this year..
 Chelsea is a  delightful town..ate at a couple of delish restaurants, 'Common Grill ' for dinner and every morning went to a place on main street, that my daughter found, 'Back to the Roots' had a fantastic creme brulee with our breakfast and then a tiramisu the next day..very good morning spot.. got to spend time with my daughter, make some money and see what all the other artist have been doing..Did some shopping and even hit a  had a farmers market in the morning..

Lucky me , my daughter just bought a house , 40 minutes from Chelsea, so will be back again in Nov.. Had a nice 'surprise' of seeing my reproductions for the first time ever in a store.. the store was awesome ... 'The Potting Shed" vintage and contemporary treasures..I was honored to do some signing of my reproductions for the shop..and got a few treats..of coarse!
Well got started late on my projects  for the alot of things were left on the worktable... will be working on those over the weekend and posting on Etsy next week.. added some of my pieces left from show late last night and did really well at Show so not much was left to pack up..Many of my customers mentioned that my style had changed ..guess something clicked as had a break over the summer and didn't work at all...anyways I did mange to get a few photos of my table and will share some of the goodies I bought at Ghoultide in another thats it from here..

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A Little Creation said...

Your work is amazing!
Chris =]

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