Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ghoultide Gathering Part 1

Table set up before the show..

Bat ear French bulldog.. did a few different variations on the Frenchies..

Hello, heres a look at my table before the show..

I will do the 'Ghoultide Gathering' in 2 posts, as alot of pictures to share so come back tomorrow for pictures of several other artist tables at the show ..I did not get everyone, as was busy and had to make a dash here and there before the show plus some where late setting up ....[notice empty table..]

My big Gourd head container..

I will have items for sale on 'etsy'... posted this evening> 'Oct. 5th' and will add more 'new' items on 'Oct. 10th' as did not get everything painted for the show..

My cute 'Candy Boy' and a batty 'Witch in black and white'.
Many pieces were mounted on old wooden play blocks then painted over.

My colors are more rich this year went to a new line of paints and very happy with, so did the painted hats on several pieces inpired by the old Beistle art work..

Goth Fairy Queen and a Raven with a pumpkin.

A pretty face Devil..and a knobby face winking Witch...

A favorite piece my grinning corn/onion head man and tiny squash blossom baby..

A new design I did 4 variations on a 'Spider cone' ,can be a 'treetopper' or just a table top figurine .

' Wild Ride'
is a vampire kitty and 2 tiny veggies...

Bunny piece was called 'Bad Carrot'
and was another favorite piece.

Made a couple of Pumpkin Pie Slices and 'pouty pie' was a favorite.

A grouping of some favorite pieces, Goth Moon Girl, Skelly Boy,
Pretty Face Devil, and Miss Oct. she has a glass eye from a old doll head.

This was my most favorite piece 'Batty Girl 'and the 'Goth Sisters' in back was my daughter's favorite.


Marsha said...

WOWOWOWOW! I am so glad I quit decorating my tables to check on my blog and updates! It looks like you have a lot more pieces at your show than you usually I right? Or maybe just more pictures. These are wonderful!!!! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Saw your work at Ghoultide Gathering and absolutely LOVED it! Your creativity is truly a gift and your work is beautiful. Thanks for making our first-time visit to Ghoultide Gathering so memorable. -KarenJ

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

WOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Wishing that by the next time you post, your tables will be completely empty!!


vivian said...

oh my gosh.. debra... Oh my gosh... oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH! YOu are sooooo very very talented. I love every single piece and would never ever be able to pick out a favorite. wow!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

You are an amazingly creative gal!!
WIsh we'd gotten more chat time . . . I'm always in such a "show fog" :-)

Have a Happy Halloween!!


Katydid said...

A M A Z I N G!! wish I could see them all in true life!

ImagiMeri said...

Oh, Debra......all I can say is WOWEEEEEEE! You have most definitely been hard at work. No wonder you haven't posted as much. These creations are totally amazing....I love them all. I wish I had as much time to craft, but I've been caring for my mom lately. I'm hoping next year will be my year.

Congratulations on all the wondrous creations, and thank you for sharing.


Len said...

What a great bunch of work. I hope that you did very well.

Dicky Bird said...

Wow beautiful work!!! You are SO creative! Do you dream about those faces? Going to the Goultide event is on my "bucket list" - someday....Blessings from Wisconsin

William Bezek said...

I had to make myself stay away from your table, or I would have spent all my earnings! Your work was amazing as always. P.S. I forgot to tell you how attractive your new hair style is...I'm a sucker for a sassy bob!

Johanna Parker said...

Oh, I'm so glad you posted pics of your table Debra! Looks like a colorful land of whimsical eye candy indeed! We darted into the church about 5 minutes before the show started on Sat. morning, and flew through so quickly. I felt deprived - no chance to pour over all the delights and chat..... It always goes by so quickly!

~ Johanna :)

Melisa Burnett said...

So happy to have taken home the onion/corn man. He looks so awesome among my other Debra Schoch originals. I have been collecting your lovely characters since the first Ghoultide Gathering. I look forward the the event every year.

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